Invisible wormholes?

Im traveling thru null, probing down wormholes in a sig starved region, and just finished finding my 3rd wh in 6 jumps which isn’t there. The sig shows in space, the sig is warpable from scan window just no wh. Warping straight to them either at 100 then trying at 0, watching dscan, no rolling ships and anyway if collapsed or rolled the sig would disappear but it doesnt.

What gives?

That happens sometimes when a hole is freshly rolled and the UI didn’t update yet. I had that a bunch of times years ago.

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There is also a bug where one side of the connection gets 24hours lifetime, while the other side gets 16hours, so one side vanishes while the other side keeps the signature alive.

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Just you wait for that bug where you use a wormhole (good one, not eol or crit) and then when you get back a few minutes later the wh collapses as you try to activate it. It really warms the heart when that happens when you’re in DST deep in lowsec and such

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Ha! That happened to me while I was ninja ratting in Tenal a few years back. I scanned down a new signature and went ratting in an empty system and after the Sanctum was done, I headed back and poof gone.

I warped back to a different Sanctum and back to the bookmark and nope, hole gone. Petitioned it.

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It would be interesting if Invisible Wormholes existed in the game that would without warning whisk your ship off to some unknown depths of space.

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