Sucked into a WH by another player's jump?

(Zeek the Sneak) #1

Hi all,

Yesterday something pretty weird happened - I was cloaked about 7.5K off of a WH, and another ship jumped through. Suddenly I hear the WH ‘you just jumped’ sound and the dscan ping sound, and my overview indicates that I jumped as well.

I know I was sucked into the same hole the other ship jumped into, as he popped up on my overview when he dropped cloak. I wasn’t touching the keyboard or mouse.

Has this happened to anyone else?



(CowRocket Void) #2

Boy oh boy i hope so!!!

(YOY Didyoudoit) #3

Did it implode? Were you able to jump back out?

(Zeek the Sneak) #4

It was as far as i can tell a regular wormhole - i cloaked up, waited out my polarization timer for the other side, and jumped back

(Zander Exvirus) #5

Wormholer BTW

(Spruillo) #6

Thats it never undocking again.

(Captain Dabz) #7

Blackhole perhaps :stuck_out_tongue: