Mysterious teleportation

Hi all

So if you’re looking for something to think about but you don’t find it.
Stop looking, here it is.

Yesterday me and my corp member were rolling wormholes. After some time I jumped through one of the holes for the last time. As soon as I got to the other side it collapsed, my fleet member saw it closing.
And ofcourse I got the corresponding message. But here is where the weird stuff happened. I didn’t see it collaps. So my friend was looking for the bookmark of the other wormhole he was like ‘can you uncloak and warp to …’.
So I replied with ‘I am uncloaked and I’m already at that hole apperantly’. As we were both trying to figure out what happened because I never clicked the warp button, we got to the conclusion that as I jumped inside our wormhole I didn’t end up on the other side of the hole, but I ended up at the location of another hole.

So long story short, I jumped through a hole that collapsed behind me but I didn’t end up on the other side but I ended up at another wormhole on the other side of our system.
Everyone that’s reading this, don’t get an headache because their is no logical situation in where this is possible.


Velior Lameria
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Could be a freak occurrence. Maybe try and see if you can recreate it, if you do manage that you should make a Bug Report.

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The server just placed you at a location in your system that you had already been to. In the good ole days you would just find yourself back in your own POS shields.

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Had something similar a couple of weeks ago, landed inside a citadel when the hole collapsed behind me. The bug report got attached to some incident.

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The weirdest thing that ever happened to me in w-space was when I was updating our signatures and a new signature popped up that needed probing at 08:32am EVE time - a X702.

For those who don’t know, a X702 is a 24 hour one billion mass hole to a class 3 wormhole.

This one lead to Tribute, northern nullsec. So I go in and looked around and it was empty, so I decided to do some ninja ratting, sponsored by The Guristas.
It was a fully upgraded system, so there were plenty of anomalies to choose from and I went to the closest sanctum I could find and start shooting things.
After that sanctum was done, I ran low on ammo and decided to get some in our hole. So I warped to the exit hole bookmark at 09:02am EVE time and find a blue flag but the exit hole was gone.
Was the shortest living 24 hour hole I have ever seen.

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This indeed sounds like the same thing except you ended up in a citadel and I ended up at another worhole.

It could be that their were some people that decided to roll that hole while you were inside of it.

I had one accident where, when I left wormhole and it closed after me, I was teleported to some gate in the exit system. That was the strangest thing I ever experienced.

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This sounds basically like the same bug or something.

When wormhole collapses, there is maybe some mess with position of you in the universe, where you have to be placed, or something.

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Well this could be a current issue yeah, it is the only logical explanation to this problem.

I should have been more clear. This is normal when closing a hole. When you jump through and collapse the hole, the server “spawns” your ship into the system at a coordinate in space. Sometimes the coordinate is not a random one close to the hole that just closed but another that the server has available. It is not new and it does not occur often. It is always at a spot that you have already visited.


Alright, thanks for the explanation.

Sorry about the confusion, so let me elaborate. At the time I was living in a c3 wormhole with a nullsec static.
The static was empty, somewhere at the outer edge of the drone lands. I did check twice. The X702 was leading into Tribute from our c3 and the static and the X702 were the only two signatures in the hole before I went ratting for those 28 minutes.
If they were rolling that hole, I would have seen them on d-scan.

Oh almost forgot, I was doing the anomalies in our hole and saw some russians rolling the static with marauders - scary wormhole people must not interrupt bot farming, lol.

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Seen this issue a while ago, but as unlucky hunter - the rolling raven has apperaed somewhere in the space, not at the place, where wormhole collapsed.
Thus, no kill ;(

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That is bad luck

It’s entirely possible and also logical as well. The thing just is that your logical model doesn’t match the actual code… This is what we call a bug, because, you see, the fundamental problem with computers is that they do what you tell them and not what you want.

Once due to miscommunications while rolling a hole, I click jump at the exact same time when my coprmate came back and it make my game froze followed by a ctd. when i logged back i was somehere else in our hole

This happens when you collapse a hole while you are mid way through it. If the connection fails while you are inside it, as long as you are fully inside the connection. The game will teleport you to the last known safe position. Like, inside the sun, or at your station. possibly at another safe (where another wormhole has spawned.)

If you have two rollers and the gate is VOL, if you can get both vehicles into the hole at the EXACT same time (using countdowns) then it will shoot one ship through to close the hole, and teleport the second to the last known safe space. usually your citadel.

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