Wormhole Rolling

My Buddy just got spit back out on the wrong side when we where rolling a C2. But we jumped at the same moment at a countdown (3,2,1, Jump). I havent rolled recently. Did something change or could this just have been a hickup on the server?

There is no “same moment”. Messages are received by the game server in a given order, and are queued for processing in a potentially different order, but there will be an order and one will be done before the other.

If the wormhole collapse logic is written to make the hole unjumpable immediately once it’s remaining mass reached zero, rather then adding an event causing it become unjumpable to the messages to be processed in the next tick, the request of the second ship trying to jump through the hole will be rejected. As usual for eve, either without a user notification, or with some useless one (“I can’t find my ignition keys”, “Never thought I could talk so much in local”, …)

It most likely dereferences the womhole immediately, because the message processing race wouldn’t be solved by postponing the derefencing, but just postpone the race to the next tick, and it would also enable some alliances to online a thousand alts only for the purpose of causing tidy in the j-space, and in this tidy, jump an army through the WH regardless of mass limitations.

Ok, but that must have changed then because before this wasn’t a problem at all. It would also makes no sense because then you would never be able to cross a wormhole if your mass would exceed it.

Maybe you just were lucky.

Though it might indeed once have been different, and changed, though unannounced, after Goons / Test / Panfam littered alts onto their warfront for no other reason than to cause tidy and to abuse system overpopulation control mechanisms to prevent other capsuleers from entering their system 2 years ago.

Why? A hole depletes once the mass is exceeded, the jump size limit is constand and independend of the remaining mass.

If the hole collapse is postponed, even by only one tick, it opens just this window for abusers, like the alliance telling everyone to jump a hole in the same tick, enabling them to jump some hundreds of capitals before the collapse is handled, and would also enable input replicating crabs to close any hole w/o anyone being able to do anything against it, by just jumping a few dozen rolling HICs with mass-entanglers into a hole, propping back onto the hole where they sit on again before core or combat probes can even travel on their location, and then input-replicating or scripting the jump back command to be given to all clients at the same time.

Instead just collapse the hole w/o postponing when the mass was exceeded and lockout whatever other ship tried to jump. Scanning yourself back home - or suiciding if you can’t scan, is part of WH life anyways.

I think I know what happened. We where rolling a C2 with a total mass of 2M ton. It was up all day and it had some traffic. So we knew it could collapse earlier then expected. So we ran with two praxis (348 cold and 546 hot). Hot, Cold, Hot, Hot. I think because it had some traffic during the day I already rolled, while normally you need both masses, to collapse it. I just don’t remember this being an issue when you jumped at the same time.

This is always a risk for the “shotgun” approach of warping a bunch of battleships to a hole and rolling it in unison. It has the benefit of rolling quickly but requires the hole to be fresh, so it’s best used for new K162s that pop up in system that you have always had eyes on to gauge any traffic.

There’s techniques to never ever get anything stuck on the far side but it relies on sequential jumps, recording shrink and crit states, and a bit of knowledge and preparation, so it can take a bit more time. But it has the benefit of being able to roll any (non-frig) hole starting at any non-crit mass value.

none of those numbers mean anything/are correct

Cold a praxis is 174.000 ton. And With AB/MWD on 274.000 ton. We went with two praxis so 174.000 x 2 or 274000 x 2

Math is funny with WHs remember people may have been through it before you!

Remember: Critical Status of a WH is ALWAYS 10% or lower than total mass. Ex: WH total mass of 500k tons 500k times 0.1 is 50k mass left.

yeah, put plates on your praxis, should be 200 cold and 300 hot

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I ddint know this, thank you

Got it with multiple plates.

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