WH Static mechanincs - any changes?

I’ve been living in the same C3 with a U210/LOW static for the past 4 years, and without fail we only ever had a single U210 spawn at any time. 24 hrs later +/- an hour it would collapse and a new one would appear.

Since the January update, we are now seeing two U210 spawn repeatedly. Not always, but about every 36 hours we get an additional U210, and I’m pretty sure that the extra one is occasionally despawning much faster than the 24 hour life-cycle, even without any mass transit. Furthermore a couple of times I’ve warped to a U210 checked the info, and despite it saying that “This wormhole is beginning to decay, and probably won’t last another day.” and being on my overview and visible in space, when trying to jump it says I cannot as it collapsed, then it collapses!

Strange things are afoot in J-Space, just wondering if anyone else is seeing any oddities with spawning mechanics?

Indeed things are different. I’ve observed similar occurrences. I remember reading somewhere that the collapse bug is because the WH is actually gone on the other side, but for some reason not on your side. Also, I don’t know if this is new or not (I’ve largely been playing in periods since 2010), but I recently saw a WH collapse which had the status of “This wormhole is beginning to decay, and probably won’t last another day.”. It had no mass instability, and visually it was looking normal too. So apparently WHs actually can collapse randomly.

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Bug-report these when they happen so CCP can fix the problem.

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At least its not just me then, I’m actively running Windows Game DVR when warping to U210’s to try and catch the bug happening then I can submit a more meaningful bug report.


U210s can spawn as roaming holes. They’re not exclusively statics.

And yeah that jump bug happens once in awhile. It’s because the other side has already gone eol and collapsed but your side doesn’t get informed about that until you try and jump it. :psyccp:

You don’t have to necessarely record it. As soon as you see the bug happen, make a bug report (F12> report bug) and the game will attach logs and timestamps to the bug report, which makes the job of the devs and bughunters easier.

Its just weird, having never seen a roaming U210 in 4-5 years of being in here on a daily basis, I was seeing them regularly since January, but to be honest, not seen one now in the last 72 hours.

Will keep monitoring though.

Had two C13 spawn in exactly the same place. Not sure if it was one after another but never saw the first go EOL. Only noticed because Pathfinder recorded them as distinct (assumed bookmarks had been deleted).

Also, stealth nerf: gas/ore sites no longer respawn.

Got a corp mate now saying that we have lost our U210 completely! only 3 sigs in system, two K162’s and a gas site - eek!

Can’t verify myself for a few hours though.

I may be wrong, but I think there should always be a static from every WH-system, at least one. When a static WH despawns, it may take a few minutes until a new one spawns though.

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