Not Yet Begun

hi, when was the last time you have seen this? I lock out my WH every day for years (my PI ALTs who maayyy mine now and then 4 times a month), but recently I have not seen my Status read NYB for almost a week now.
Now as an older WHer who does not read every change CCP does has any one else seen this? my Statics can last 60+ hours locked out, but recently the info has not shown this on the WHs as I land on them.

yes some one else may be in the WH but DSCAN shows no one is scanning the WHs, I’ve spent time on this and something has changed

It will only display “This wormhole has not yet begin…” when it has more than 24 hours remaining. Due to a small variance on the negative side (both mass and time can have variance) you may have had connections slightly less than 24 hours.

Something has definitely changed. Haven’t you noticed that now some* wormholes have a mass with 300mil more or less than they should have ? That really sucks when rolling

I would say that would make sense but I have locked out WHs since 2012 and have only seen this with in the last month. I got paranoid and recorded DScan in 1 sec frames so can play back 1/60th the speed while I’m away and saw nothing.

I have seen this too but thought it was related to the HIC changes, only the mass of the ship is taken in now and the 100/500 AB/MWDs Mass is no longer added with the new Mass Reducers. with Higgs it adds up <- Atleast that is my understanding

With C1’s running 4 Higgs Strats I would close all of the 1b holes most of the time with 1 HIC (no Higgs of coarse) on the 10-20% holes and rarely see a 30% for 2 passes, now I need a HIC on 1bill holes and 2 HICs on 10-20% and 3 on the 30%s
I’ve maxed out my ships to 20t’s as much as possible but did not make any difference and just ate more CPU

I’ll be redoing my old spread sheet keeping a better eye on masses. been rolled out a few times ever compensating trying to close the WH with less passes.

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