Wormhole frequency changed by ccp?

Hi all

Has CCP changed the frequency of WH’s?
it seems as soon as you roll one another will appear within a few jumps, spend more time rolling wormholes than enjoying the content.

Conflict drivers, rolling holes has an effect on that.

Sure feels like something has changed, wormholes have become a plague and it disrupts other play to much in my opinion.

Could just be a bad run of RNG rolls. It’s been unusually quite in my small part of the universe this last week.

A couple of weeks before that we ended up having connections to the same hostile WH pop up in two neighboring systems, within hours of each other.

What we used to do was troll annoying alliance mates by installing quantum flux upg in their system ihub or next door system :wink:


Statics spawn immediately after being rolled. So if it was a static you rolled, it will immediately respawn, pointing somewhere else within its class designation.

well its points but is not open (rolling WH static), I posted in this forum about this very thing, something has changed.
I can leave my WH locked out, but it seems at server reset the NYB no longer carries over. I leave a scout with in 10 AU of the new sig and record and dscan yet the Whs loose their NYB after reset. CCP says they do not trigger until warped to, this has been this way for years. I have hit some really long days locked out. 60+ hours (k162s travelers open up a closed static). now its never past reset. I’ve watched closely this last week. I have hit 6 NYBs Fri-Monday all before server resets.

Quit complaining that null sec isn’t safe enough.

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Thanks for complaining about my complaint.

IMO we need more holes , never have enough of them :wink: Null sec to safe agreed.

Idea: deployable structures that provide local chat and can be destroyed with no timers

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