Any changes to WH rolling?

Today it is impossible to roll the WH . What is changed?

Remember that one simple trick where youd jump the hole, and before it went through, youd pulse your mwd to add mass?

That… has been removed.

Puh, thanks. Is this change permanent?
Is this Information part of an anouncement?

1, no idea. 2, NOOOOOPE.

no, ccp just decided to ■■■■ with its players in every conceivable manner.

From stealth nerfs with major implications, to annoying UI changes, to deleting entire gameplay styles.

in the past year CCP for some reason has completely changed. Their biggest screw-ups used to be additions that nobody cared about. (Monocolegate, WIS, etc)
But now their big screw-ups are permanent changes to existing infrastructure, that nobody wants.

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Very confusing. What is the deeper sense of such a change? 50 times to jump now to the exit, if it break down.
Why without an announcement?
Not customer friendly

It’s almost like they they:

I feel a “good riddance” coming up.

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First they change the combat a site mechanics and drifter behavior and now they made it so you cant crab worth a ■■■■, amazing job ccp incursions now wormholes. Wounder whats next. “We Made it so you cant bastion in high-sec” “you can no longer buy plex with isk” “send us everything you own and all your real world money or were going to cryptolock your computer” Okay that last one was a stretch, but still.

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Stop whining and L2P. Scrub.


:smiley: I would but they keep taking the ways I use to make isk and get content away. Why, what do you do?
Edit: You mine ore in lowsec… And I need to learn to play? lol okay.

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Dont give them any ideas please.

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sorry sie…

No - I mine in nullsec and I am not the one complaining. Also “losing some mining ships in nullsec” does not equate to “all you do on all your chars is mine ore in nullsec”.

Nice try though. Simpleton.

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Yeah I checked the link and thats what I thought I saw too

Just because my game play is different doesn’t mean I’m not playing. You’re taking what was meant as a joke really hard mate. Look here’s the deal, I just wanted to vent about the mechanics changing and you’re getting all hot and bothered that what? I dared speak? I had something critical to say? Or is it that you saw a chance where no one would disagree with you, except me and a free ego scratch… Go drop a super on a vedmack, clown.

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Although the change itself doesn’t impact me (I barely play anymore); I think it’s best to give good and complete announcements. Saves odd and uncomfortable moments. There’s no need for stealth buffs, nerfs changes etc. Any change will create threads anyway :slight_smile:

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Am I? Ok…

Am I? Ok…

Am I? Ok…

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