A plea to any who will listen - CCPls, don't let wormhole groups be "collateral damage" in the October patch

I usually don’t take the time for anything but quality shitposting, but today I need to make a post that I hope will get some traction and draw dev, or CSM attention. I’m sorry for the lack of shitposting in this thread… :frowning:

CCP recently released their proposed changes for the October balance pass. Those changes can be found here for any that haven’t had a read yet.

In this balance pass, CCP intends to remove the viability of 500mn hictors. I think that most people can agree that these hictors have been abused and as they state in the dev blog, this is a needed change. I’ll certainly not be disputing that claim. But they also acknowledge that this change will leave wormholers without a viable way to roll holes, and they’re marking us off as “collateral damage”… The quote below is directly from their balance changes.

Unfortunately, wormholers will be unwilling collateral damage, as they often are, due to the incredible usefulness of HICs for rolling holes. We may address this with a specific mass manipulation module at some point in the future but want to move forward on fixing this broken behavior as fast as possible.

Some information for those not familiar with rolling mechanics…

Wormholes have static connections, and sometimes the static you get is garbage, or goes EOL, or you just got a titan dropped on your roaming frigate gang in null, and it’s time to roll for greener pastures. This gameplay mechanic is 100% critical to generating wormhole content. Without being able to roll holes, you could be stuck with zero content for days at a time, until RNGesus decides to give you some succ.

When you roll a hole, usually you use rolling battleships. You can calculate well enough that you’re often able to close a hole with just the battleships. But if you’ve put a large fleet through the hole, or (once again) you get screwed by RNGesus, your hole may go crit instead of closing. In this case you need a rolling hictor to close it without being rolled out. CCP is removing the rolling hictor, and is offering no new modules or ships to replace it. They state that “in the future” they’ll find a solution. This is a meaningless and ubiquitous timeframe that means wormhole groups may be without rolling solutions for minimum of months, but potentially years if this change goes through in the current state.

My plea to the community, CCP, and CSM…

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I know that wormhole groups make up a small percentage of the player base, and I know that many of the eyes this post falls on will disregard it as unimportant wormholer nonsense. But to those that have the ability to do something about this, I’m imploring you to not let CCP glaze over wormhole groups, and turn us in to “collateral damage”.

In my time playing Eve, I’ve never found something I enjoy as much as wormhole living. Myself and my corp-mates may only be a fraction of the eve player base, but I’m not speaking today just for us, I’m speaking for and to all the other wormhole corps this affects as well; please don’t sit idly by as CCP destroys our style of playing eve. This balance pass in its current form will do just that, and wormholers don’t deserve to be treated as 2nd class citizens.

Thank you for your time in reading this. If there are any devs or CSM reps reading this, I would implore you directly, please don’t let wormhole groups be a casualty that will just be written off by CCP with a fix “some day”.

On behalf of myself, and The Kronos Ritual, fly safe everyone. o7


All of it falls on deaf CCP ears, mainly because numbers are against wormholers. Just like they were against CQ users.


Now us wormholers are a minority since most EVE players live in null, but I never knew that the HIC was much of a problem. Im pissed.

CCP once again ignores us. I have to roll the holes before I ratt and you risk a ton when you try to roll a crit hole with a battleship. The hic fixed this, now it is reversed.

Also the leshak is OP AF lol just had to add that in. Did you see that battle report?


Idk why they didn’t just make a module that does the same ■■■■ as the current hic for rolling but make you conpletely immobile so wh guys can keep doing their thing. Could even make it hic only cause why not. I can’t imagine this taking much time to implement and seed a bp for…

Don’t make the wh guys wait till next patch for a module we need happy players not less players.


Just armor TF out of an Armageddon and light a MWD as you jump.

You’re pleading to the CSM, er… GSM?


“Sorry” nerf to WH, buff to null sec ratting and bots…weeee.


Maybe now you could plea to Pearly Abyss also, maybe they will listen. /s :stuck_out_tongue:

At the end of the day, CCP never intended for people to live in WHs. So although emergent gameplay is what it is and players now live there, expecting balance changes to preserve what was never intended is… meh.


Can you provide some more explanation here?

Shouldn’t there be risk involved with rolling wormholes?

Do you really believe there should be a go to ship for this activity?

When I lived in a wh we used a battleship, and sometimes you were on the wrong side when it closed. We called that “intent”.


I am a nullsec person and I can say , the whole October planed changes are just stupid idea.

So during fights most of the time players jump in and out of holes to avoid dying/killing others. If there is a random amount of ships with random masses, then the hole becomes way to unpredictable to roll with battleships. Thats what a HIC is for.

You can’t roll them with a BS or there is chance you’ll end up on the wrong side, so a HIC lets you roll it with better…“control”?

Always have been collateral damage, always will be. Sov null is king, so suffer.

Yes pretty much.

I don’t think you understand, the point IS to lose some battleships closing holes. Consider it a new expense.

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Are you sure all options have been exhausted? After all, a 500MN HIC was never intended are there other unintended fittings that could solve the problem?

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Just add the Local channel ezpz

We all know what this means if CCP says it: They have already forgotten about it while tipping the next paragraph.