Wormhole infrastructure upgrade - null sec static generator

What if any WH system can be upgraded so, that it will have Z142 static ? Wormhole to random null sec system, that allow capital ship jump… Local fortizar (or even Keepstars) can have module, that consumes tonns of fuel but when active, WH system will get that new static. Even C1 system can have one.

Will that make ratting bots move out of null? Will that increase violence in null sec and wormholes itself? Or it will make null sec life easier cause of more WH connection so you can get your stuff to high sec via WH ?


I like this idea!
In fact… I like all the ideas that give more opportunities to pvp.

Unfortunately you are going to get punch of carebears crying in here how this idea sucks and how we only need more balance and skins in order to make game great again.


I like it, Null sec needs more dangerous opening’s and wormholes is definitely one of the better options.


Even if CCP increased the % of wormhole spawns that go to null that would be cool too.


extend this possybility for wormholer to get an entrance to low sec/ high sec as well, at least once per X days under conditions with a special module.
i’m not very ok with static but temporary fit me!
like moon crunch, your team can prepare for a Null entrance this day and low sec entrance another day, for a limited time (no problem with ship mass passing througt)

anyway, great idea


That actually sounds really cool, like a sort of spool up time to generate a wormhole type of your choosing over a few days.


Because they would drop 50 caps on the hole roll it with a dread and move on.


Just make c6 Witt ns static a thing ccp

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CCP lowered the spawn rate because the nullsec losers and cowards whined about it, so do you honestly believe they would introduce such a thing?

Why do so many people have no ■■■■■■■ clue of the things CCP change in their game? You’d save yourself and a lot of others a lot of time if you just kept up to date.


Very true, however this would force them to defensively respond to guerrilla type strategic warfare (WH PVP Corps/Alliances) who love opportunities to make NS Dreads dead in space. I would be in FULL support both time and financially if we could generate desired WH to the heart of NS rat breeding grounds. The content generation from this would be mind-blowing for all parties. Fun to think about and I think that is what this particular forum post is stating, as CCP will rarely create content where NS is not being pampered with game mechanics.


Do you guys understand why Star System have only few connections and you cannot simply jump from any system to any of other systems? This is called Landscape. It provides some specifics to areas of space and adds game elements related to it (gate camps, zones with high possibility to be dropped by caps and zones where hot drops are less popular, etc…).

What all ideas from group “Let’s increase number of 0.0 connections to WHs” do is removing Landscape by providing backdoors between parts of space. Basically making the game smaller.
This was already done with jump drives and was fixed by adding Jump Fatique. I don’t think it is really needed.


Yes, we do. And I do not suggest firmly set connection from some particular wormhole to some particular null sec system or region. Even now any C6 or C5 can have wondering capital size wormhole to null. All I think about is a citadel service module, that make those wandering appear more often or even regulary. And not only from C5 or C6. So - minimum work for game designers, maximum interaction for players, willling to participate.
Worth thinking about, IMHO.

Keeping up to date != trying to make things change by giving interesting ideas. Yeah, maybe the bigger guys of CCP won’t give it a single glance.

But eh, who cannot hope for better things ?

Concerning your idea, @erg_cz, and as a fellow wormholer searching action, I’m 100% with you !
With this wormhole generator array, capsuleers’ corporations could use the wormholes much like the Sansha’s Nation does for its incursions : as static outposts which are extremely rare and hard to find, unless it’s the ones behind it that launch some sort of raids on bigger structures.

Shake nullsec a bit. Force the lazy spodbrained Rorqual miners to pee their pants each time a new signature appear, like we do in wormhole. And give a good kick in the goddamn beehive !

I, however, might see a little problem : if those new arrays can be used to created capital-sized wormholes for C3 and below (might say a mistake here, I forgot if C4 can spawn super large connections), it would also mean attacking lower class wormholes would be easier for nullsec entities, since they could gain the control on the null side and just send a capital fleet inside to bash whatever structure there is.
It would also make life a bit harder, like it was supposed to be in wormholes. C1 corporations and above would have to create REAL defense fleets, that can take down capitals in case they just fail their coup give whoever is outside a direct access to their structure with a SMALL capital fleet. If I remember well, Z142 connections can only be used three to four times with dreads, right ?

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as if there is no bots in WH’s low sec or high sec.

why allow the ability to spawn a WH that you could use to bring caps in to defend the WH, i mean you grab a C1 stick up a fort or keep and shut the large WH down when you have enough caps in there making the place very very hard to burn down.

there is more than enough WH’s spawning, not happy with the current connection, ROLL it!

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But its easy to adjust the idea to prevent such a scenario: have array generate wormhole to random NS, WH size is dependent on WH class it was generated in. Simple as that.

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If wormhole dwellers do not want that, they are free not to install service module on their citadels at all. And please, do not forget, current WH mass limits allow you to jump 2 or 3 capitals maximum.
If some null entity decide to send capitals to attack WH fortress, they can end up with attacking caps stranged many jumps from home or in the wormhole itself.

Yes indeed !
All in all, a pretty good way to finally give a bunch of new content for wormholers… if that even happen.

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CCP deliberately nerfed spawn rates to nullsec some year(s) ago. All they needed to do is increase the spawn rate again. They won’t, though, because it’s too dangerous for the nullseccers.

OP assumes CCP would actually want this. CCP actually has proven that they don’t. OP wasted a huge amount of time writing something that CCP is never going to implement, because it goes counter to them requiring nullsec to be highsec levels of safe.

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If you are having trouble finding ‘opportunities to pvp’ then stroll through lowsec, or ya know, nullsec. You and I both know you mean ‘make killing industrials even easier’. But keep acting like ur some elite hunter when you are really just more of a carebear-coward than Rorq botters in Delve.

M8, get outta here! Hater!
I’m really just trying my last here with couple of like-minded people.