Increase WH Spawn

Hello, has anyone notice any benefit to the increase in WH spawning. For an explorer like me it is annoying scan 50 sigs, 40 are WH’s. Has it increased content or has CCP grasped at straws again ?


I’ve heard that wormholers are in favor of additional connections, but that this was way overboard. I don’t know how much of the WH community shares this sentiment, but CCP is aware of it. So it is possible they might scale things back sometime in the future.

Isn’t the whole thing implemented just for a while anyway?

I’m not sure. I know the increased loot drop was temporary, but I’m not so sure about the increased connections.

Also it seems gas sites are a lot more rare since the WHs were increased.

So, as an Avid WormHoler I do like have more WH Connections, however If a System has 1 Static Ie. H296 for example; Sometimes I can down 2 or 3x H296 wormholes in a system?

So what is the point of having Roaming WH and Static WH?

Static Wormholes should have never changed, Roaming Wormholes are what should gave increased, which they did.

One thing I would like to see is more Relic Sites, lvl 1 or 2 or 4. Since the WAR on the ISK Faucets, relic sites hold very little value vs time to hack or even train the skills properly.

I always welcome creative discussion in game or here… Mostly ingame as I am not a avid forums guru.

Probly mined out faster due to more access

I was talking about outside WHs, it is like the extra WH anomalies were added by reducing gas site anomalies.

That would be a smart way to have less coding to implement that change I think

Cannot be a k162 on both sides. An H296 might be ‘The’ static in a C5 but a second H296 or third H296 is still a wandering wh with a a K162 on the other side. In other words, if a particular WH as a H296 for a static, it will always have at least one. The others are wandering.

Less coding is not smart when it results in less features, that is just lazy.

I know , tottaly agree. just wondering if they took this short way to increase wh numbers

It basically just turned C1s-C4s into tackier lowsec systems that you have to scan down to get into.

That’s what Italian restaurants were missing… the smell of fat, sweaty Italians wearing Old Spice.

That is basically what this over-connectivity adds to wormholes.

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Well for me as a owner of a tiny LowLevel Wormhole for PVE and Indu purpose its a bit sobering.
Login , scanning down, found 16 new Sigs, five holes
Two not rollable -> Log Off
Next day: LogIn , scanning down , 12 Sigs , seven holes.
Either I invest 50% of my daily online time with rolling the hole,
Or -> LogOff

Since almost two weeks : rince repeat.

This smells like a strong desire for crabbing safety. :stuck_out_tongue:

Changes are fine for us, dont know why others are having an issue.

You are absolutly right !
Even I need from time to time a few ISK to buy some amo, drones and paste and rare enough to replace a ship loss . :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I am all for an increase in WH. What I struggle to see the purpose is, WH from low-sec just leading to other low-sec systems. If i really wanted to get to another low-sec system I can just jump through K-Space to get there. If this change is to stay maybe- just maybe have it easier to identify between WH sigs and relic/data/combats. Like a quick system wide scan that gives quick overview of what sigs are and then you can decide if you wish to scan them down. Like a probe launched into space that in about 5 minutes sends back data.

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