WH sites spawning frequency?

Anyone else noticed this? This week 3 pirate sites (2 data, 1 relic) and 1 sleeper data site have spawned since Monday. Last week it was a similarly low number, but I put that down to the random nature of spawns.

On at least three days since Saturday, my home systemhas had a single wh connection and no sites spawned at all. It was the same over the weekend.

I don’t really expect site spawning to be regular or predictable, so I accept it’s possible that it’s still just ‘luck’, but something feels wrong so wondering if anyone has noticed anything, or if there have been any other threads about it?

Find other wh’s in that region and clear sites there, so they can respawn. Can’t really remember if it is region or constellation but idea is the same. Once you run site, it spawns somewhere else. If there is no one in that “other wh” bunch of sites pile up there, resulting in no new sites in other connected wormholes.

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0 sites have spawned since downtime, and as far as we’re aware, none since Sunday evening Not a single sig of any kind. The sum total in almost 30hrs is a single wandering wormhole at 6-8pm on Sunday night (game time).

Until a few weeks ago 3 or 4 sigs spawned each day. Since then? Maybe we get 1 data or relic site a day, OR a wandering wh. Nobody else is in this hole overnight, unless they’re performing one of the most admirable and faultless stowaway acts in history, and even then, they ain’t rolling holes.

I understand the mechanics of wh site spawning and regions, but something is up here and it seems artificially a deliberate downturn in WH spawning. As it is, we don’t even get combat opportunities because there is literally no reason to be here. Today I watched an Ibis come in, take a 3 second look at the 2 sigs and just think ‘sod this’ and immediately leave.

I am starting to empathise :smiley:

Again, if no one else lives in other connected wh’s then there is no rotation in sites. As for wh spawns. Roll your statics to find content you need.

Confirm. Unusually uneven distribution of sigs across systems both in K-Space and in Anoikis has been observed over the recent days. Seems somewhat baffling, indeed.

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