Weird Spawn Rate

I found this C2 with an LS static that had an abnormally high spawn rate of relics. There were 7 hackable sites plus 3 combat relic sites. I started working on them at 1600. Each time I cleared one, another spawned from 15 to 45 minutes later. I found the same J space from a different hole the next day around the same time and it was full of relics. I spent 3 hours mapping a network and none spawned. Then I started working on those sites, and sure it enough a bunch of them kept spawning. The next day, I found the same hole yet again around 1600 and as I went through them, they spawned again. So in a 3 hour period, 10 to 15 relic sites spawned for 3 separate days in a row. Sadly, I couldn’t find the hole the next day.

Maybe I just got really lucky with the spawns, and it wasn’t related to that hole specifically. I felt like sharing this story even though it was probably a coincidence since… I just thought it was interesting. At first I thought the hole was inhabited when I went to zKillboard, but I didn’t find anything on D scan and it turns out it wasn’t actually the hole I went into, but some corp seems to control 3 systems of the same constellation, but not the one I checked.

Well I guess I had some fun adventures. I bet someone who saw one of my earlier posts is probably going to point out a Marauder in a harder WH would have made most ISK/Hour than hacking some sites, killing some rats on other relic sites, and hacking those sites too. I can’t actually fly a Marauder, but even if I could this little adventure was kind of amusing. Even if I had the skills to do something more lucrative, this was kind of funny seeing those sites constantly replace themselves.

while FOB bashing and incursions is more lucrative I enjoy hacking sites so i wish i could have found this WH

I read an interesting post somewhere that suggested WH site respawns may be tied to WH constellations / regions. The implication being that if other WHs in the constellation are populated and cleared regularly, the quieter ones will naturally fill with sites and respawn them quickly (in comparions to less populated WH constellations).

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Its Constellation related, pretty sure it works in the same way as K-space sites Combat site spawn mechanics? - #4 by DeMichael_Crimson As far as I know the site will respawn within 60 seconds in the same Constellation.

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K-space is publicly known to be tied to constellations. J space is… well CCP didn’t tell us yet and we’ve been left to speculate.

Its exactly the same structure in terms of Constellations and Regions. 310 Constellations which are all the same class as far as I remember. Why re-invent the wheel?

Maybe they didn’t reinvent the wheel, all I know is that it’s not confirmed like it is for k space

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