Combat site spawn mechanics?

Does anyone have info on what determines where combat sites spawn? Especially DED sites?

It seems to me that 1-5 DED sites have the same chance of spawning in both high and low sec systems. So if you finish a site in low sec, there’s a probability it can respawn in high sec.

And it seems that they’re not confined to region either. I remember scanning 90% of Molden Heath a few weeks ago (it only takes an hour, being a small and circular region). I couldn’t find a single pirate DED 1-4 site, but there were a dozen rogue drone DED sites, which are worthless. My guess is that local explorers ran all of the pirate DEDs until they ran out, and they’ve respawned in other regions.

This is just speculation on my part. Any thoughts or findings?

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^ They’re definitely not confined to region.

High Sec space only has DED 1/10 to 4/10 sites but escalation from Anomaly combat site can spawn DED 5/10 site in High Sec space. I believe Low Sec space has DED 1/10 up to 7/10 and those higher level sites definitely don’t spawn in High Sec space.

Anyway, nobody really knows for sure since CCP hasn’t released any info on their respawn mechanics. I think the sites are restricted and will only respawn within their immediate Constellation, dependent on the systems security level. For example a DED 6/10 site in a Low Sec system will not respawn in a High Sec system located next to it.

Also the sites seem to have a tendency to ‘gather up’ in dead-end systems that don’t get visited much by players. I’ve seen up to a couple dozen Signatures with twice as many Anomaly sites in those dead-end systems.

Now I don’t know whether it’s due to those sites respawning there after being completed elsewhere or if they just randomly spawned there, it’s probably a combination of the two which would help generate a large amount of sites being gathered there. Also exploration sites have a ‘shelf life’ of 3 to 5 days of staying present in a system before they respawn elsewhere. That would also explain why dead-end systems usually have a large amount of exploration sites.

One thing is for sure, if you can’t find any sites in regular travel routes, there’s a very high chance you’ll find them in backwater ‘off the beaten path’ dead-end systems.


I’m 99% sure it is not the case that the same site simply respawns elsewhere. A combat site may spawn as any other combat site, or even any exploration site. So a finished 3/10 may respawn as a Watch, or 4/10 or Data/Relic.

So the idea is if you’re sure there aren’t other explorers around it does make sense running those worthless Rogue Drone sites for them to respawn into something else, hopefully something useful.

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I don’t know about that brother, seems to me that would be extra code to write and eventually over time would end up making only one or two types of sites available, especially since they all have a specific amount of ‘shelf life’ for staying present in the system.

I think CCP did an easier coding job and just created a specific amount of each type of site to randomly spawn in different systems when completed.

But then again this is CCP we’re talking about here so anything is possible.


Its just that while living in Kador several years back, and it was a totally empty region, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t other explorer at least 10 jumps in any direction, I had the same 4/10 respawn again and again in the same system at least 2 times, then it respawned as a Watch, then as a Lookout which I was unable to run in a cruiser and left. Happened at least twice.

There were other cases of 4/10s respawning immediately but as a Watch, during quiet hours with low or no competition around.

ded 1, 2 are limited to HS .8, .9 and 1.0 AFAIK

And maybe it’s not “gather up” but something different …

Or maybe the server doesn’t use the division of constellations nor regions at all …

I can confirm the ded4 re spawning several times in a row. In the same system. In HS. But not yet as another sig in the same system. (does not mean you are wrong though). I have several times watched ded4 respawn almost as soon (less than one minute) as I complete it in a system.

Does it make sense to say it’s the “same” ? We know A site is spawned by the server, within limit of a number of same sigs in (at least) the universe. From the WH we know that some constellation/region border can be crossed, that is some pool of WH can start spawning sigs, including WH from different regions.

What we also know, is that signatures are limited by types in a given system. Does it mean a ded can become an unrated ? I don’t know. Does it mean that a sig will be aded4 in a .5 system, and a ded1 in a 1.0 ? dunno. So far we can’t track the signatures from one spawn to another.

To my limited knowledge, the best we can do is make tests on the smallest region in sisi and check the evolution of signatures - and hope CCP did not artificially create differences in mechanisms.

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I did some further research and it appears that the low sec version of a combat site has a bigger signature than the high sec version e.g. a low sec DED 4 is bigger and easier to scan down than a high sec DED 4.

So it seems that low sec and high sec have their own separate pools. If you complete a site in low sec, it will respawn in low sec. This would make sense because if high sec sites could respawn in low sec and most explorers run sites in high sec, there’d be nothing left in high sec. To verify this, I checked the average number of sigs in all high sec systems vs low sec systems in Verge Vendor, and both were the same (about 2 sigs per system).

I also believe that sites can respawn in different regions, as long as they have the same pirate faction. And that sites are tilted to respawn in systems with 1 or 0 signatures.


Hello. If I remember correctly when CCP made changes to scanning and the exploration of signatures, a few years ago, they said spawn mechanics are Constellation related.

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no, at least no in null sec.
I do explo every day, hack relic/data and complete combat sites (6/10->10/10)
Constellations only contain 5-6 systems, right? If, when i have finished a combat site, a new combat site is supposed to spawn in the same constellation, i would find it quickly, since combat sites are not cleared in one minute, yes? And it is not the case.
And it is the same for relic sites. If respawn mechanism was limited to same constellation, i would just have to put alts or friends in the 4-5 other systems of the same constellation, and we would chain hack reswpaning relic sites for hours.
Maybe it is by region, or totally random. But not by constellation

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there is a potential delay.

Just like there is a delay between a WHs spawning in its static, and the k162 appearing. You can clear a whole region of its ded3/4 + sleeper cache in HS, and have none of them spawning in the whole region for several hours. Then later on you connect and there is one constel with 10 of them - and as soon as you complete a ded4 you see it respawn in the same system.

This is not how k162 works buddy.

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whatever buddy.

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