Site spawn rates

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There are a LOT more people online lately, as one might expect. As someone who does a fair bit of exploration, I’ve noticed that all manner of sites, both signatures and anomalies, are very thin on the ground.

Perhaps CCP might consider boosting the spawn rates in the short run; scale the rates to the average number of players (yes, this a bit of self-interest going on here:).



The more that is out there… the less value it has.

Yeah, i know that… I think i’ll just remove this thread - was just frustrated:)

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The way most sites work is that when a site despawns (usually because you hack it, but they’ll also despawn after a few days if you just initiate warp to it) it’ll immediately respawn somewhere in the same region.

You can’t increase spawn rates further than “immediately”.

What happens is that the areas of space that see a lot of travel are cleared fairly quickly, while the areas off the beaten path start accumulating sites.

It’s called exploration for a reason, go out there and explore!


Oh believe me, i get out there:) But i take your point - maybe ought to get out out there!

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Or get out out out there, the more “out”'s you add th better the rewards :stuck_out_tongue:


One of the ISD team will close it for you if you ask in the thread or report your original post and go to other reasons and ask there, reporting it will probably work faster.

I’m enjoying the responses. It’s ok to err publicly, if in fact it might serve the public good.


My experience is that sites despawn after 45 minutes or so after you’ve visited them and hacked at least one can. This comes from mining in sites after I’ve hacked a few cans. Right in the middle of mining everything just disappears. I had thought the site would exist as long as you are present, but that is not the case.

So, if each site respawns in another system within a short time in the constellation you are in (as I have been led to believe), it should be reachable. If it respawns immediately just within the region as Trevor says, it’s a crap shoot.

I understand respawn rates, was addressing the topic of supply and demand during these challenging days.

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This is what exploration is all about.

Check map stats and look for systems that have low amount of population, low amount of jumps, low amount of NPC kills, etc, you’ll have to do some traveling but you’ll find a lot more sites to run.


^^ The same goes for combat anoms, some systems tend to gather them up over a couple of days; the trick is finding them.

I know of a couple that I visit on a semi regular basis.

I have no problem at all finding the systems with like 6 signatures*, then i scan them all down and its 100% wormholes… lol

Isn’t number of sites is somewhat fixed per region/constellation? They just change location as cleared.

That’s why area can be dried up if all signatures will bunch up in low traffic system. Very common in WH’s.

I agree, they should DOUBLE spawn rates!

If you hack all but one of the cans in a wormhole non-sleeper Relic or Data site within 3/4 hour before downtime, all the cans will be full again (and can be hacked again) when downtime finishes.

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Actually I’ve heard this works all day.
You hack all but one and come back an hour later.


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AFAIK It used to only work just before DT. I’ll try again tomorrow further away from DT, and report back.

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aww, man, you make me feel bad. :slight_smile: