The emerging conduit spawns

ok, i looked now some old threads up. some had spawns deeeeeeeeep into deepspace … andi mean … deep … like 1000AU … i seen the screenshots and was like … wao O-o

then there was the problem that the sites didnt spawned at all anymore well… seems this going on again. but now on a different behavior.

so the mainquestion here is, does anyone knows if CCP changed the spawn time on emerging conduit sites?

because they DO respawn but it needs about 5~10 minutes. (like normal sites usually do which aving a time window between 5~up to 60 minutes before respawn.)

the thing why i ask here is … when you look at the agency are in the neighbor systems suddely 3~7 conduits (7 was so far the maximum i´ve seen so far ^^) but upon entering the system is there no conduit and the conduits somehow are now in the system from where i came xD

does anyone else here experiencing right now the same? delayed conduit spawn? (maybe changed by CCP which isnt confirmed tho they respawn, just not longer in an instant after finishing a conduit) and seeing multible emerging conduits via agentcy in neighbor systems?

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I believe they changed the respawn timer to 10 minutes.

If you are making this thread to ask these stupid questions you clearly didn’t.

Fed up of the EC whining. Your easy af isk-farm got hit. Boo fkn hoo.

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thanks quake =3

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and to you frigging troll, if i didnt looked those threads up, why do i know about the screenshots? why do i know that those threads are closed? otherwise had i asked there and hadnt made a new thread. HA! OWNED. learn how to be a better troll. god … trolls are such a failure nowadays on the internet =w=

i see you typing, dont even try it


…and not the several - very recent - threads about this as well as the official notes detailing the changes?

Easy - you are too lazy/stupid to read properly.

Also - “owned”? Is this 2004?

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omg just give up, this thread got already in a friendly manner answered but ppls like you which are only there to provoke and troll in forums need to destroy communitys and giving it a bad reputation xD + there was no released notes, troll owo

sometimes wish i there would be a close thread button for the topic creator xD
deactivates notifications to avoid the trolls

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FFS, learn to write in sentences.

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“Boo hoo my life is so empty and I can’t read and I can’t spell and all I have is rage and chewing my own keyboard as they took my easy isk-farm away”

If you’re going to be so full of rage at least learn how to spell, structure sentences and write in a way that does not make you seem like a hyperactive rage-monster.

sorry, english isnt my mainlanguage mr. grammar n you know the word with n and azi. atleast i speak more then just 1 language … trolllololololol :rofl:

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It isn’t mine either.


Also, as a side note… as of at least today. The spawns in EC now have very aggressive drone aggro where they didn’t before.
Tested with T1, Faction and T2 Drones. = same aggro.
Tested with drones in bay, launching after missiles hitting 3 plus rounds, still got aggro within a few 15 seconds.
This could be an ANOMALY … ;o)

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I think the Agency info might be delayed a bit, like the map info. Might explain why you see 7 sites listed in the Agency for a specific system and then see the info is incorrect after entering that system.

Or there’s just lot’s of players running the sites as soon as they spawn.

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