Emerging Conduits gone - EVE Online: Quadrant 2

Greetings fellow capsuleers,

So with today’s deployment of Quadrant 2, something that I was expecting seems to have happened: the disappearance of the Emerging Conduit sites. I have made several jumps and I see they are completely gone. Can anyone else corroborate this?
Also, any thoughts and opinions on them vanishing?

Fly dangerous!

I can see one Emerging in my system, 0.5.

While traveling, I saw quite a few just before Downtime hit.

Nevermind, I see they are back. Must have spawned a little later today, I saw none in the first 15-20 minutes after down-time, but I see they are on now.

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Might as well change your thread title then, otherwise you’ll just have an endless stream of people popping in to point out your error.

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Wow, what an eternity!
I totally understand why you thought they’re all gone!
Fifteen minutes is, like, man, totally way out, like …




And you thought: “I need to post about this on the forums immediately!”


Maybe they are done emerging and are fully surfaced? Look for plain conduits now?
I don’t know.

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It’d be awesome if there was a random chance of escalation …
… with a huge fleet coming out.

As far as it stands now, Emerging Conduits can be run by one mining ship …
… and a frigate that’s fast enough to lure the triglavians away until the miner’s done.

They’ve followed me way past 1000km. At that range the frigate just needs to orbit the miner, go afk and wait for him to give signal that he’s done.

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