Did CCP secretly nerf Emerging Conduit as of today?

Mainly respawn rate and drop amount of surveys. True or false? if yes how many changes were introduced that way recently?

in the patchnotes :

The respawn rates and loot chances for the Emerging Conduits have been adjusted


So both no and yes.

They did nerf them, but it wasn’t a secret.


Patches are applied almost every single day and all aspects of the game is gona be nerfed in the most simple manner just trim everything that makes isk. Really good luck cccp with that. Wish you many happy players :).

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They are nerfed as of today DT.

haha respawn now is once every 15 minutes and drop rate is 1/4th of what was before nice cut really :).

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for me, respawn was 10 minutes, an i could not see any changes at the
loot …did 3 sites now, an loot was betewwn 5 und 15 mio in every site …

On one hand its a shame as they were something different, but on the other they were being botted to the point of insanity. I have seen characters 24 hours old running these in a constant shield boosting / faction heavy drone toting Praxis.

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I have seen lots of them too, but, all of them were´nt looting …so they just going for the bounty …

CCP really needs to move beyond the “all content is exactly reliably automated to appear in the same way with the same spawns that behave the same every time” method of creating PvE spawns.

If sites were more variable and contained different sets of spawns requiring different approaches to defeat, we wouldn’t see these endless rounds of “CCP introduces new content, new content is immediately botted into oblivion, CCP nerfs new content so it’s barely worth playing anymore”.


CCP I got for you an idea why not to whipe every week a random constelation from citadels and ships in it it will be much faster than what you are doing now. I am sure you can come up with some excelent shiat story bout EM storm or alien invasion.

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Agreed, procedural generation of content needs to be one of the things CCP should be working towards.


They really did that? Oh well, it was only a matter of time when they adjust it. It was really good payout for what it was for me in means of time and difficulty. Now its just… balanced?


CCP’s way of thinking:

  1. Introduce another warp-in-pew-pew content.
  2. Content get botted to hell.
  3. “Oh no the content is botted! Let’s cut the reward to balance it!”

Can’t you simply be more creative and spit out something that can’t be botted?! Add hacking feature, make enemies have different resistance holes, add other interactive parts like the TCRC in incursions…

They blame the players botting the game, yet they continue to feed contents that can be easily botted, nice work CCP.


oof, it took me this long to get the non-PI materials needed for the high grades, good thing I only need LP and survey databases out of these sites for two more sets…

They got nerfed for sure.

Not nerfed, i guess they got killed …

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10 Minute respawn timer and shitty loot.

1st they take away high sec incursions and now barely 1 spawn.
They give new content, nerf it to the point making it pointless in doing it because of bots (and i run them activly all day so no ■■■■■■■ botting here).

Whats next CCP??? Agent Missions???

Instead of messing with people’s ingame income, do something about the botting… Have the conduit open after having to hack it or something similar…

Stop trying to push people into nullsec… Cause it appears to be the goal too serve the sovblock and ■■■■ the high sec dwellers


All right m8 not everyone is botting really, and that who are not botting got kick as much hard as botters or even harder. Fighting with bots shouldn’t be cutting everything even really. I personally know 4 players, eve life span 1y to 3m that were doing EC frequently together. That was decent isk ganking free, they had fun playing together. Incursion community was one of the best in the game, it was so much fun to fly with them great people nice game to play. A lot of people learned how to fly in fleets, what are logis for, how to FC without commitement to any larger gang of people. It is such a shame that “new” CCP destroyed. And really I don’t care about bots in that game since I am not the one. So to resume fighting bots with simple trim is plainly stupid.

Did CCP secretly nerf the Emerging Conduit spawn as of today?

There i fixed it for you.

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