No more Emerging Conduits?

While they show up in the agency tab, I cannot find any ECs up in any of the 10+systems where they were indicated to be.

Prelude to some gates coming offline?

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Either that or they’ve greatly increased the respawn time. I’ve killed one conduit today, and haven’t seen another one since.

LOL Strange that I post something I noticed over several hour and 10 minutes after the post one respawns in my system. Perhaps you are correct and they really slowed down the respawn rate…or someone took a hammer to the server.

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Or you just happen to be following a crew around that are clearing them. I’ve had a couple of groups come around and clear these out over the last week or so.

Could be, but they stayed “off line” for hour+ in systems were I was returning to every 20-30 minutes; in systems were the lone miner or 2 reported no one else came through…probably normal ol’ CCP programming broken by some code modification they put in…or, another example of resource nerfing that got exposed a little too soon?

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Emerging Conduits now respawn after roughly 10 minutes, it used to be one.

Some systems don’t spawn them, these systems also don’t spawn the roaming Raznaborg Damavik squads. A good indicator that a system doesn’t spawn conduits is they often have more people belt-mining in them for added safety.

I just killed a conduit 10 minutes ago and another one just respawned, so I guess it’s still working as intended.


You can check the agency for them. If alot of them are being cleared in a system, you will likely see this


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