Emerging Conduits

Emerging Conduits have not spwned after DT today. Is this a planned happening or is there an issue?

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CCP messes up all the time. Just get used to it. Triglavia needs a break too.

Looks like they realised their error after last nights piss up and conduits are back … which is good cos I need to kill me some harmless Trigs

Speaking of emerging conduits, what do you run them for? I ran about 40 of them over the past week and got 4.5M Isk per site and salvage, and trig sheets. What’s the real take away from these sites? The trig sheets?

Red loot, yes. It’s the equivalent of bounties.

Is there a fix in the works?

No more conduits again. i’m presuming it’s all to do with this latest wank-off patch and the trig invasion.

Yep EC’s not spawning in my system either, hope this is CCP making a mistake and not a permanent thing as they are spawning in the Trig invaded systems…

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