Did CCP secretly nerf Emerging Conduit as of today?

CCP taking the Wrecking Machine to content that works, as usual…


The content was too easy for the rewards provided.

It did not “work” for the game design.

CCP just hate people in Hisec. ECs are now pointless doing with the loooooong respawn timer. The new event isn’t available to people in Hi sec. Incursions nerfed in Hisec, and yet in nullbear land, ratting for hours with no risk. How about nerfing ratting so they only spawn for 5min and don’t respawn for an hour as this is basically what they have done to EC’s.


Thanx CCP Salt for clarification.

Well did some extensive study, that means 2 hours of ECing. And facts are as follows: respawn timer is no shorter than 15 minutes and loot is lol … … you know what (nothing). Total nerf is like 75 to 80 %. EC will stand empty.

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From someone who doesn’t get a ton of time to play Emerging Conduits really helped me have a decent income. I don’t know what I’m going to do now and slightly regret re-subbing yesterday. This change doesn’t make any sense to me. Increase the respawn timers and leave the loot table where it was. Slightly drop the rewards, but keep the respawn what it was. Don’t double nerf my only income.


Why? I was happy about a fairly valued grinding possibility in this game to get some fair ISK. And now even this is fixed? Devs good job on making this game even shittier as it already was before. I loved it to grind after coming from work and playing chilled. Mining is no option cause it generates way too less isk. and now i returned few weeks ago and found out how nice the conduits are, they fixed it. That was the reason i gave up WoW, cause they also patched everything to death… Im really thinking about cancelling my 4 Chars omega subscription now, cause its not worth it anymore.


Yeah I think I am going to not pay 3 of my omega accounts. It is a pitty I cannot cancell the one year subscription I already Paid.


RIP easy 200M/h in HS :confused:

I wouldn’t mind if CCP do the same with even easier supercarrier rating 300M+/H in delve or eso. Troll lol!


Not on one account solo

Who said everybody was doing EC on one account.

That’s the problem I was implying.

Thats how they feed the doom loop… They remove possibilities to get your ISK by playing, as result of that, people do secondary jobs to buy isk from suspicius chinese corps. and the chinese bots increase cause the demand increases. Which leads to CCP to nerf more options to make isk which brings us again to point one. With this sort of balancing they destroy theirself.

Not you obviously. How long do you think a trig frig can handle a mega blaster II with void when webbed by a 66% web used by a solo vindi ? How fast do you think that allowed people to complete sites ?

Probably 5 to 7 minutes from landing depending on the spawns. If they warp on top of the entryway, probably 4 to 5 minutes. I don’t have t2, but using that vindi set up I could run a site with my current skills in 6 to 8 minutes. But that doesn’t take into account waiting on spawn and warp time. Add those in and you easily add two to three minutes on that. Even the vindi, solo, cannot make 200mil/isk a hour. Plus, overheating modules when sitting on top the entrance versus not overheating is why I chose to stay at the warp in point. I ended up doing them in an orca more than the vindi simply because I didn’t want to risk losing it from a random disconnect since that has been a thing lately.

5 minutes between each reward on average, no drug(13 rewards with less than an hour between the first and the last). Once you land, warp the roid @70, and once in position, it’s web and kill with one web (your second web webs the next target so you don’t waste time waiting for the target to be webbed one cycle). Longer part is from waiting for next till warped to the spawn.

protip : use fed web with unstable.
protip : 2 reps are enough to be okay
protip : sebo is nice. also “auto target back” to waste the least time between waves.

Finally closed 3 subscriptions as i dont need them anymore

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Ha, now I regret not maxing the vindi out from the start.

That’s total bs. Yes you can finish site within 5 mins but add warp and respawn time and that makes you 7 mins a site minimum (depends on spawns).