Hey CCP, thanks for destroying emerging conduits profits

I really appreciate it, u made this game so much better!

Well done and thank you.

Eveonline will grow a lot more after this idea, no one will unsub anytime soon, im sure.

PS: you should nerf more activities, maybe you will get more players by doing so (according to ur experienced (obviously) balancing team i guess).

PS2: Start by nerfing incursions payouts to see if the numbers of players increase.
Change headquarters payouts to 3mil per site.

Its a good idea, no one will unsub, everyone will love it.


It was actually a great change.



What changed?

With a name like yours I think it is a good change. I don’t mean it of course.

What are you actually ranting about?

But seriously… Your name is terrible. CCP just nerved you.


Don’t forget that ore from now on should only contain 100 units/roid regardless of the ore type and that sec mission payouts and npc bounties also have to be cutted by 90%…

This would be good for the game…

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Why are you rowing back in your boat?

Insult him like an adult or don’t insult him at all…this pc crap you can stick… :slight_smile:

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According to CCP, no changes have been made. /Thread


Just gonna take a wild guess here… OP is pissed that the salvage (and maybe the loot as well) from emerging conduits is way lower (valued) now than it was months ago.

But instead of blaming CCP for this, he should blame all the numerous botting Rattlesnakes that have been jamming up the emerging conduits for months now, as they’re one of the main reasons triglavian salvage has nosedived on the markets.

It was gonna happen with players running E.C.s and players running minor conduits, major conduits, World Arks, and now the trig dread site or the empire dread site anyway… it’s just happening faster with help from the bots hogging so very many of the E.C.s with their snakes and their identically named MTUs and so forth. Hell, I saw one the other day in the Amarr/Sarum Prime/Youl/Ardishapur Prime area with at least 2 snakes in 2 systems both with the same ship name “main name’s Rattlesnake” and in one system was the main in local and in the other system was an alt in local flying a ship the main clearly fit up for him, lol… and yes, narrow-cone d-scanned the E.C.s while passing through those systems to see the ship names. He probably had another 6 to 10 in surrounding systems, I just happened to be passing through those 2.


Emerging Conduits, compared to much PVE in HS possible to do with just one or two or three toons (save maybe burner missions) is probably one of the more interesting forms of PVE content CCP’s added in years along with the abyss itself, which isn’t just in HS, ofc…

However, as I said in the post above, it’s doable by a single tanky AFK rattlesnake, unfortunately. Personally, I did them with 3 Ikitursas to celebrate training into said Ikitursas half a year ago or so and then promptly got bored of them within a month. But for that month, they were pretty fun! a nice change of pace from WH PVE, incursions, HS L4 missions, the abyss, and jackdaw FOF ratting Guristas anoms for DED 4/5 escalations, at least.

Thread tl;dr:
Content added.
Content got krabbed to death.
Content got nerfed.
Krabs angry.

On a side note, one could wonder if GAME developers ever actually GAME content and mechanics to see if it gets taken advantage of too much. Like one says “Let’s do XYZ” and another says… “well I could probably take XYZ and GAME it to this advantage or that… Better rethink it”.


Should of made each type of trig activity drop completely different loot.

Emerging conduits should not have salvage. Just the isk for clear and chance at some drops.

Abyssal space is fine as is.

Trig invasions is where you get salvage.

It would of kept some value up. With that said I did some emerging conduits today in my Kronos and did fairly well as far as highsec solo pve goes. I dont think they have become useless by any means. At the speed I was clearing I would say they are still better isk then most level 4 missions.

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Should have.

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Now, ■■■■ off. /s

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So all the Krabs overfarmed the content, flooded the market with the drops and now cry because they over-saturated the market?

I think the real problem here is that people who think this type of mindless content is fun are probably also the ones who have a hard time wrapping their head around how markets work. Hence the constant CCP blaming.


Haha the noobs are out in force again on both sides…

Emerging conduits are the sort of easy to run jump into a ship and do without much effort which is great for casual players and of course sadly for the bots. Because bots run them people are calling for them to be nerfed and of course this is what will annoy casual players. Catch 22 much, but that is the way of Eve is it not?

The loot drops are very random, and the most important drop is of course the databases which are fixed in value. I happen to salvage them too because I like making Ikitsura’s and the T2 logi version.

I find it amusing that the gankbears hate these things. I can tell you that I like them because I run them with friends and on my own and I see my ISK go up fast which enables me to PvP more, hate them all you want but it looks like CCP is not going to change them, I just hope they check the bots a bit better…


This is HILARIOUS!!!

The OP plays as “Kiss My Ash” and is about as full of it as anyone has EVER witnessed in the whole history of not only the internet but in the whole history of matter itself. They run so many chars and try to flex about how much they make ingame but all they do is use mummy’s CC and talk crap about how great they are.

I think this is wonderful as I had to go pee before posting this cos I was laughing so fkn hard. They throw all their chars at conduits then wonder why the price of the salvage drops when idiots like them flood the market with mats :'DDDDD

Oh - if you want a truly funny experience check out the Praxis fits on the KB of Kiss My Ash their ‘main’.


Destorying a whole game part for anyone else just because some abuse it was and will never be a smart idea…

Make botting impossible…


Well if nothing else helps you can force log out everybody that does not answer to a call to do some specific action ingame,maybe pressing a specific key combination or something like that,the possibilities are endless…do this every hour and the number of bots ingame will sink significant.

Yes it will be annoying for normal players but it will also force most of the botters out because the number of well coded bots that actually would read out this specific question and do it as suggested will be insignificant…most bots are primitive in design and quality…just ‘repeat my action’ programs…

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Thanks. Corrected the typo

OP is just salty because he spend a shitload of ISK on faction smartbombs, and now he is stuck with them. So now he needs to bot more ISK to make up for it. HAHA.

Good for you!

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Imagine being so bad at PvP you have to grind for it :rofl:

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