Emerging conduits?

Okey I find this strange as all hell sure I know it´s all about luck some days are better than others. But I do say I find this strange inead of some day good some days bad.

Day one I got loot worth about 15-30mill on each conduits.
Day two I get about 15-20mill worth on each conduitss.
Day tree I get about 5-10mill worth on each conduits.
Now on day for every damn conduits I made I get about 50k to 100k it´s like they all just quit dropping Triglavian survay database.

I have tried today 20 conduits in 10 different 0,5-0.6 system and all I get is basic cheap tire 1 look and only like 3-4 of them like some 20k after burner or a 3500k clock.

I mean I know you have good or bad days but it´s like each day got worse and worse and worse so what´s tomorrow gonna be ? 0 drop so in´t not random good days/bad days but rather it got progressively worse for each day.

Yes I do them because it´s something brand new for me and after playing EVE on and off for 12 years doing L4 missions or scanning or null sec and so I done it so much I was suck off eve for a long damn time but seeing oh new stuff to do in eve it felt nice and refreshing and they are fun to do and I can do them in 16 min. But damn now they stop being even worth doing what so ever.

Would be nice if there was consistency sure they don´t need to drop 30mill worth of loot each time but 5-30 mill instead of 50-100k

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I guess there is some algorithm that controls loot drops and that there are simply far more characters doing these now (especially since the bots have been created).

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Strange - I have been getting better than average numbers of survey databases last couple of days.

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yeah but seams this games hates me I quit scanning because in 2 month I made 50mill because each site gave me crap and yes it was down in null.

I know maybe it´s design to over saturate the market but I finally found a reason to play eve again and then the reward is cut out.

And as I said I know we all have good or bad days/week but going from good to bad to worse over a few days span that not having a bad day/week.

Anything new is quickly saturated, especially if it can be botted (most Eve content unfortunately).

Don’t do things for the rewards, do them because they are fun?


Yeah true but it´s nice to make some isk I mean my end goal the once I want to reach maybe in 2-3 years is a NYX but would be nice to get some reward I mean right now my ammo costs more than the dang conduits gives me only becuse I need to use faction ammo but also I calculated if I keep getting 30-100k Even T2 ammo would cost more. Sure you always get 4.5 completing one but with my current ammo and total reward I go 0 profit. I mean one need some profit to maybe fund something else lets say I would like to try to filaments but it will never happen if I always break even.

Sure I could do something else but as I said reason I do this is because it´s not the same stuff I done 2000 times already. So yes they are fun but I can´t fund anything if im going even.

Don’t use faction ammo maybe?

You’ve hit an unlucky streak… which is made up by the really really good luck you got your first 3 days.

I’ve done hundreds of these sites over the last couple months and 5-10 mill in drops is probably “average”. you got way over average those first 2 days.

Keep doing them, you’ll get your drops back. RNG is RNG.

Also 16 minutes per site is painfully slow… what are you flying?

Im alpha and the money I had got me a praxis. I need to use faction ammo or DPS will be so low it will take even longer than 16 min.

But sites/hour isn’t the goal… it’s isk/hour.

What does it matter if you do your sites 20% faster if you get 50% less profit?

The only reason to use faction ammo is pvp. In PvE it isn’t necessary unless your goal is to waste isk.

If you’re using a praxis, it should be a lot faster than 16 minutes a site. My orca clears them quicker than that, and it’s far from a dps beast. I’d recommend light drones , since most things are small, in addition to your RHMLs, and maybe fit a Guidance Computer scripted for precision. Web will really help too, since most things orbit close.

I use light drones warrior T2 and rappid light missiles with caldari navy nova light missiles.

Well it´s not about doing sites faster it is to DPS enugh on that bloody cruiser that comes at last wave for it to die fast enugh so tank wont break.

CCP has a bad habit of releasing new content with large rewards to get players interested, then over time they will stealth nerf those rewards. When some players notice it and start to complain, others who don’t engage in that content will post the fail-safe excuse that it’s bad RNG.


Yeah, I would definitely use Rapid Heavy Missile Launchers. It’ll have longer range, and a LOT more punch, since Praxis get a 25% damage bonus to Heavy missiles. No bonus on Lights for that hull. On my raven, I’m pushing 750 sustained dps with RHMLs using standard T1 ammo. The reload is awful, but it will splatter small things like taking a hammer to a fly.

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the size of the rats make the application very bad, unless you use precision missiles (T2). better use rapid light than rapid heavy without precision.

If the build can fit it, try using webs or target painters to increase the application on the missiles, and that might allow you to get better punch out of rapid heavies.

webs are kinda useless on missiles fits here. rather use two webs, and rigor rigs.

the size of the rats make the application very bad, unless you use precision missiles (T2). better use rapid light than rapid heavy without precision.

This here shows a lack of bigger picture. A web and heavies will do better than lights on a hull unbonused for them.

Lights would do maybe 150 dps with full application to frigates

Rapid heavies would do about 500 with half application to a frigate if its webbed, or you’re running an MGC.

That’s thumbnail math, but pretty close, and would give you nearly double the dps on a frigate as lights would on a praxis. And against a cruiser, nearly 4 times the dps. I see no reason to ignore a massive damage bonus for a higher damage system, in favor of lower damage applied perfectly. Sites would complete faster, and ammo cost would go down, thus helping out the site running profitablility.

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damavik are 50m sig, 475 m/s

CN HM : 105m sig, 81.7 DPS => 38.9 applied DPS with two webs
fury LM : 51m sig, 38.6 DPS => 37.8 DPS with one web.

by the time the webs are in effect, the target is already dead.

CN HM applies 12.2%
precision HM applies 16.5%
fury LM applies 44%
A web multiplies the application by up to 2.5

So YES with TWO webs and CN HM you will apply more than with fury LM. however with one web only you will apply more with RLML. That’s why I said to use rigor, with 2 web(actually I meant a painter and a grappler).

Or skip missiles and use hybrid blasters.

Depending on ship one grapple and two webs with blasters blaps those little buggers quickly. Using a vindi depending on skills and mods maybe 2 webs will be enough.

Maybe it’s just me but I find missiles to be a pain to use when fighting trigs.