Tinker-tank Bhaalgorn for Emerging Conduits

3 of.

Cap Chain is 1 up 1 down.

You rep & pew.


[Bhaalgorn, Conduit Triple Bhaalgorn]
Damage Control II
Capacitor Power Relay II
Capacitor Power Relay II
Capacitor Power Relay II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II

EM Ward Amplifier
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
X-Large C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I
Stasis Webifier II
Stasis Webifier II

Dual Heavy Pulse Laser II
Dual Heavy Pulse Laser II
Dual Heavy Pulse Laser II
Dual Heavy Pulse Laser II
Large ‘Regard’ Remote Capacitor Transmitter
Large ‘Regard’ Remote Capacitor Transmitter
Large Remote Shield Booster II

Large Processor Overclocking Unit I
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I

Warrior II x20
Salvage Drone I x10

Imperial Navy Standard L x4
Imperial Navy Radio L x4
Imperial Navy Multifrequency L x4


The math is easy. Each Pilot either sends a rep to the primary, or if they are the primary uses the local repper. It’s always about 3 large reps landing on you. Should do the job.

6 webs with good range on grid. Plus 15 Warrior II’s. With good skills about 2000 dps on grid.

Clear the site, then salvage the loot. Remember those MTU’s :slight_smile:

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You can do it with one solo bhaalgorn. Use armor, a grappler (better at close range), switch ammo according to rats distance.

It’s a 4.5m tick with all 3 of you on grid. Plus loot & salvage. Takes about 3-4 minutes to clear the site with a pair of Vindis & a Scimi, so those Bhaals should be about 4-5 mins.

And then you can chain sites. 15 salvage drones is like a plague of locusts. With 3 MTU’s it should be looted pretty quickly too.

What’s the tick for solo’ing?

no idea what your tick is, besides a kinda bug.

Should I time the completion of a site ? I did not salvage because it was worthless anyhow.

Tick is Bounty paid. And you should hoover up everything to get maximum loot.

but nobody cares about raw loot. What is important, is the total value received, divided by the total time to complete several sites.
If you are 3 ppl and you just go twice as fast to complete the sites, then you are at loss.
Same for salvaging, if you take too long it’s just not worth.

I just made 62 min of farming, it was 5 sites. I noted the hour on undock, then I noted the hour when the 6th conduit appeared on probe window (so when I stopped).


5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive	1	Propulsion Module		Medium	10 m3	36 321,50 ISK
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher	1	Missile Launcher Light		High	5 m3	331 727,39 ISK
Calm Dark Filament	1	Abyssal Filaments			0,10 m3	12 988,35 ISK
Calm Electrical Filament	1	Abyssal Filaments			0,10 m3	211 464,25 ISK
Calm Exotic Filament	1	Abyssal Filaments			0,10 m3	222 340,48 ISK
Calm Firestorm Filament	2	Abyssal Filaments			0,20 m3	246 041,84 ISK
Datacore - Triglavian Quantum Engineering	10	Datacores			1 m3	2 769 567,00 ISK
Decayed Assault Damage Control Mutaplasmid	1	Mutaplasmids			1 m3	10 708,10 ISK
Lattice Locked Dekaisogen	3	Construction Components			3 m3	265 066,83 ISK
LFT Enduring Sensor Dampener	1	Sensor Dampener	Small	Medium	5 m3	3 520,43 ISK
Mark I Compact Reinforced Bulkheads	1	Reinforced Bulkhead		Low	5 m3	3 268,39 ISK
Metal Scraps	2	Commodities			0,02 m3	2 901,90 ISK
Parallel Enduring Target Painter	1	Target Painter		Medium	5 m3	7 284,53 ISK
Radiation Absorption Thruster	6	Construction Components			6 m3	774 960,90 ISK
Singularity Radiation Convertor 	4	Construction Components			4 m3	504 832,32 ISK
Small Coaxial Compact Remote Armor Repairer	1	Remote Armor Repairer		High	5 m3	3 638,77 ISK
Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery	1	Capacitor Battery		Medium	5 m3	5 397,81 ISK
Small I-a Polarized Armor Regenerator	2	Armor Repair Unit		Low	10 m3	2 395,96 ISK
Small Inefficient Armor Repair Unit	1	Armor Repair Unit		Low	5 m3	1 183,54 ISK
Triglavian Survey Database	1 089	Triglavian Data			108,90 m3	108 900 000,00 ISK
Trinary State Processor	47	Construction Components			47 m3	2 075 372,42 ISK
Unstable Damage Control Mutaplasmid	1	Mutaplasmids			1 m3	16 438 485,85 ISK
Unstable Large Ancillary Shield Booster Mutaplasmid	1	Mutaplasmids			1 m3	5 743 592,19 ISK
Unstable Small Ancillary Armor Repairer Mutaplasmid	1	Mutaplasmids			1 m3	3 706 239,58 ISK
Upgraded EM Plating I	1	Armor Coating		Low	5 m3	804,48 ISK
Zero-Point Field Manipulator	17	Construction Components			17 m3	1 540 296,73 ISK

total raw isk is the red loot (109M) + the bounty (4.5 * 5 = 22.5M) so 131.5 for 62 min, ie 127 M/h - or 26.3M/site .
I don’t consider the value of the loot.

[Bhaalgorn, trigs]
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Core B-Type Large Armor Repairer
Heat Sink II
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Heat Sink II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Heat Sink II

Shadow Serpentis Stasis Webifier
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Shadow Serpentis Heavy Stasis Grappler
Shadow Serpentis Stasis Webifier
Tracking Computer II

Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I
Heavy Knave Scoped Energy Nosferatu
Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I
Heavy Knave Scoped Energy Nosferatu
Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I
Heavy Knave Scoped Energy Nosferatu
Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I

Large Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

Salvage Drone I x17

Tracking Speed Script x1
Standard L x4
Multifrequency L x4

I had hardshell but did notuse any. I don’t have the skills for T2 lasers, could be better with conflag (and long range scorch) I guess.
Also most aof the damage was thermal, then explo, so fitting specific hardener may be better. or anti explo rig+ thermal hardener. I almost reached hull several times.

Strategy : lock the destroyers first, also the cruiser. Then lock the ghosting, the raznaborg. Everything else is secondary.
Shoot the detroyers, then the cruiser, then the raznaborg first. Neutralize the ghosting (needs to nos), use the remaining nos on a starving, or anything else.

I drop MTU when I land ; I drop salvage drones after I kill the cruiser, and I also target the cruiser wreck at this moment (it’s the only one with something inside). Once everythingis dead I loot MTU and stuff, and when the next site appears I warp and recall drones.

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I think the confusion is that traditionally a tick is counted for normal rat bounties, which is in 20 minute increments.

Emerging conduits don’t pay bounties. They have a site completion payout, which is paid immediately when you finish.

So it gets confusing trying to mix the two.

Depends. If it is all alts, then you are getting an extra 4.5mil per site for that alt just basically sitting there. All they have to do is shoot one thing. If I had a third account I’d at least bring it along to collect that amount even if it was easier to just dual box the site.

From my experience, there is always a loss of something when multiboxing. Anyhow those alts still require you to pay monthly fee
I have alts ready to help me doing that, did not even think of using them (they also have fits ready all around the universe).

If you don’t have alts, then you may be at loss, and that’s why I gave my numbers. I mean it’s sad if more people means less income, I hoped CCP had understood that from the fobs.

The idea for the Tinker-tank in OP was simply 3 Corp-mates farming for some ISK in cheap hulls.

Bling Hulls would need better pay, so it’s interesting that you could get one to do it.

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Just to confirm:

Kronos. With Salvagers & Salvage Drones. Plus MTU & 1 small Tractor Beam. Only bling was a Fed Navy Web, & you can probably lose that for a T2.

It’s not bottom-squeaky to fly ( just over half armor lost, and Bastion covers that ). Made about 55m an hour.

The drop, and subsequent muta-plasmid Dice Rolls ™, are the clincher. You might get a 100m ISK item out of a Dice Roll ™, or you might waste 600k ISK.

So it’s certainly some entertainment, but doesn’t pay as well as Carrier Rattiing etc.

And yes, it probably will take forever to work off the price of buying the Kronos.

Kronos Fit:

Finally a use for the Kronos!

[Kronos, Kronos Conduit Miner]
Damage Control II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Signal Amplifier II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Large Armor Repairer II

Target Painter II
Large Cap Battery II
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
Heavy Stasis Grappler II

Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Neutron Blaster Cannon II
Bastion Module I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Small Tractor Beam I

Large Capacitor Control Circuit II
Large Anti-Explosive Pump II

Salvage Drone I x5
Berserker II x4

Null L x320
Antimatter Charge L x640

Does what it says on the tin :slight_smile:

made another 66 minute of farming, this time with T2 guns (but not full skills, need pulse spec 3, 4, 5 and amarr BS 5) Was faster, did 6 sites so average 11 min per sites (including warp and waiting for nest tite to pop).
with scorch you can pop a ds when it approaches. Remaining time, use conflag.

Total red + bounty was 110 M so that’s exactly 100 M isk/h (however need to remove the tax from the sale of red loot).
I used half my conflag and scorch(actually less for scorch, and less for conflag) so that’s total cost of 2 lenses of each, or 2M. Which is compensated by the other loots http://evepraisal.com/a/o7ktz

Prototype works.

Just don’t do it in Jita, In a 0.8 I was just ganked by Tactical Supremecy.

I was long overdue a loss, so it’s already replaced, but… Yeah, not in Jita :smiley:

no conduit in jita.

Anyhow, don’t do that with a marauder when there is a 100% player loot event -.-

What loot? I expected a ship-scan first. My mistake there. Plus too close to Jita, but I was developing a fit. I hoped to get it out to a better location once I had the fit down.

Still, that’s EVE. As I said, I was due up a loss ( it had been a while ).

One other problem. If the sites pay weak, and in a 0.8 of all places you can be popped, then have we already hit ‘slot machine’ territory? As in, they aren’t worth it?

£15 in real money gone on a flutter is… Some people can’t afford that.

you don’t get it.
It’s not about your loot. It’s about theirs.
look at this km : https://zkillboard.com/kill/79727128/

The “destroyed” cost is 1.8M . The dropped is 9.2. so the cost of the fit is 1.8M Usually it’s 1.8+9.2/2 = 6.4M
So there was a reduction in the cost of gank by ±72%

The cost of their 15 catalysts was 27M total. Just the fed web you had was enough to reimburse.

I know how gank mechanics works. I’m an Incursion runner.


Prohibitively expensive? 2b in ship ( near enough ) for such weak loot is… Pay to win turf. I’m not the only player to have noted how ‘dice roll’ & expensive Trig stuff is to fly.

£15 to replace.

no it’s not.

Just don’t play in a marauder for the duration of the event. Which should stop… today ?

You miss my point. I know how gank mechanics works.

27m needed to kill 1.8b in a 0.8. Ignore the drop.

For a 4.5m tick and a few dice rolls.

I was happy to risk the hull as I calculated the need for these interesting sites ( or I would not have done it ), but if it’s that easy to kill the ship then we may have a problem.

Still, that’s EVE.