Warp gate with keys and ship limits for making gankers life more tedious?

It’s too easy for gankers to ruin your day (weeks… actually…)
A Marauder with bastion, and NPC’s that scrambles you, and gankers that
can just warp straight to the event within seconds they got in the system?

We PVe’rs need some safety.
Add keys to and warp gates will make gankers at LEAST pay for individual KEYS.
AND, add a FLEET limit to the gate would be the second most important factor.
A Gankers fleet of 5 Talos could bring down a Golem within seconds, 5 Talos means
5000DPS. A Golem in Bastion could survive 20 seconds maybe against 5 Talos.
The proposed limit should be THREE ships per site.
They can still manage to gank with TWO ships.
TWO Talos means 2000DPS, but ONE GOOD GOLEM could survive.
AND if one Talos get killed, another one could always replace him,
if one SPOT get open…
This would be FUN for both parties, but we need a CSM voting for such a thing
on ALL future events?

from one PVE’r to another, get good… use dscan, keep yourself ready to warp out at a moments notice. don’t make yourself look blingy… im sure these events can be used with less blingy ships than a marauder.

Yes, I used Vexor Navy Issue, but Golems showed up, and stole my loot. People are using them.
I jumped in one out of sheer frustration… and got popped as a consequence of my childish behaviour… (plus falling asleep)
A fleet of three members could theoretically lock the event once they get in… it would be a good strategic move to change the rules for entering the sites.
Gankers could camp outside if it would be like Dr WHO wormhole approach, but it’s okish in a sense gankers would need a good scanning ALT and we could see probes on Scan…
But like this? It’s not fun for me. Too easy for gankers, even paying attention, it’s not barely enough equilibrium.

I think I know what you’re saying. May I present you… @Aiko_Danuja

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Instead of asking for CCP to cater to a lower tier player why not seek to improve? Not trying to be rude but there’s a lot you can do to prevent getting ganked in a marauder.

A better approach would maybe to ask for tips on gank avoidance when running event sites. There’s a few competent pilots here who might not troll you.

Good luck and fly dangerously ( just not asleep or afk :wink: )


Yeah, I know her, she likes to blow up pods, not just ganking, which is an awful unnecessary practice
that causes unnecessary pain and strain to an already big cause of quitting Eve.

I have her on watchlist as everybody else. Especially the ones that kill pods like her.
To a normal person like me it can take up to two months of savings just to buy back
+5 skill implants… for a Marauder we are talking three-four months…

These events should be fun for newbros, and Solo players, instead they are
a ganking fest… don’t you think there’s something gone possibly in the wrong direction?
Just saying… I like to talk out loud

Idk, rebalancing blasters would be a neat idea. Right now they are autocannons but with uber damage. The player base would be exited if they were transformed into a more unique weapon system.

New players aren’t flying Marauders.

If they did happen to quickly train for one and inject then they accept the risk that comes along with their drawbacks…

No, I don’t agree with you at all. I think you should learn how to avoid being ganked.

That’s the point. They want you to lose ships. They want your in-game bank account to be hit. These events are not meant to be fun. They’re meant to dupe people into throwing away their assets for minimal rewards. You haven’t noticed how weak the loot is compared to the difficulty? How they want you to go to specific regions of null for the “good” loot, where all the gankers can then converge. And for what? Early access to a mining skillbook? And even then you have to go to a specific region in null, where all the gankers will be expecting you, to get said skillbook. All those scrams are to make it easy for players to get you. Even on the exploration side the hacks are not super hard, but they don’t exactly allow for quick hack times and require omega level skills and T2 modules to complete somewhat efficiently. But the loot is pure garbage. Less than a generic WH/null level I pirate data/relic and even some HS sites, but requiring more skill and time. The kind of stuff that distracts you from DSCAN, making you more vulnerable.

This is why many pass on these events. It’s not worth the effort. CCP has been moving in a GREATER risk, less reward trajectory in their attempts to stimulate the market and get people to spend more via getting them blown up more. This is why they are weakening means of defense and making it easier and easier for attackers.

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I’m not disagreeing with you or insinuating that the OP’s suggestion be implemented. But I’m curious about how one learns not to get ganked in that situation. The system is empty. He enters the site. And he is scramed by a dozen frigates and whatnot. Obviously he’s going to want to get them first, but until then he’s a sitting duck if the wrong people enter the system behind him. How does one “get good” in a fashion that they can actively deal with that reality? Using map settings to determine traffic is unreliable and if you can’t warp, you can’t warp.

I haven’t seen anyone actually offer up any advice. Just people telling him, “get gud”. Personally, I don’t see any strategy. It’s just a crap situation and that’s that. Attempt the site at your own risk. I see no need to blow smoke up people’s arse about them just being bad, as if there is anything you or anyone “better” could do if you’re pinned and a hit squad enters the system after you’ve already engaged. That’s not saying he’s not “bad” if he was serious about falling asleep in a marauder in null/low sec.

Do the NPC’s scram you? If so is it instant? If the answer is “no” to either of those then you use an MJD and get off the beacon. Ta-da! You’re 100km away from any ganker warping in and you’re “safe”. I’m not aware of any +sec gankers that target marauders in mission or event sites, so there’s absolutely no way they are going to get close enough to a Marauder that’s MJD’d off the beacon.

Just gotta use your noggin. The reason why I don’t offer up suggestions is because this is easy, basic stuff that requires just a little bit of critical thinking and reverse engineering. This applies to anything when you’re trying to figure out how someone is doing something or if there’s a possible weak spot or counter. Just gotta get some details of how the person does whatever it is you’re curious about, then reverse engineer it. The basics of all game mechanics is just a few clicks and searches away on either Google or the Eve Uni wiki.

So yeah… I get the frustration of being ganked. I’ve been ganked… I just don’t feel sorry for defeatists whose likely first reaction is to complain and appeal to CCP to nerf a play style.

The rats scram you, though not instantly. With some luck you will be able to MJD away, but you won’t get a second chance to use the MJD, as the rats will warp to random pings and bounce back on you before the MJD has cooled down, and once they’ve scrammed you you’ll be sitting there like a duck to be shot until you cleared all the rats.

The best way to “survive” is to prioritize the scramming and disrupting rats, but it’s not 100% save of cause, because gankers can combat probe and warp zero on the marauder while it’s still clearing the tackles.

With a marauder… uhm… people are running the event sites with marauders now? Just bring your friends and clear it with cruisers.

You don’t need to MJD again. Once your 100km away from where any ganker would warpin at you’re going to be “safe”.

I say “safe” because most gankers doing this are -10. Plus if a group of gankers warped in and started burning to you would the rats not kill them?

Most gankers are excessive multi-accounters. They have a “intel” alts that has positive or at least non-prohibitively low standings that they “afk” with at stargates and station undocks, usually in frigates that are fitted with suppressive targeters and a cargo scanner.s While seemingly AFK, those accounts instead scan bypassing haulers to detect haulers worth yeeting a bunch of destroyers / battlecruisers on. The scanning alts need non-prohibitively low standings because they otherwise couldn’t sit at a stargate or undock for a prolonged time.

They use the scanning toon to combat probe, while the -10 security swarm is on standby in lowsec. Once the scanner has the target warpable to, the dessies enter their target highsec, and the scanning toon issues a fleet warp on the combat probed target, which results in the ganking fleet landing straight on the mission runner, no matter whether the mission running is sitting on the warp in, or 100km off (on non-DED content, battleship missioners warp 100km rather then warping zero anyways)

I know how this is done. I’m a ganker and have spent a lot of time ganking mission runners inside their missions. Truth is anytime the mission runner MJDd or moved off the beacon, the gank was a bust.

All you gotta do is move off the beacon and you’re “safe”.

Tons of people use Marauders in these events for the simple reason that with a Marauder you can clear the 5 waves (in this event) in about 5-10 min instead of double that with a BS, or 30+ min with a BC or Cruiser… For an average of 20Mil loot between respawn/contesting/jumping around looking for sites.

I did everything wrong, I didn’t use a MJD, engaged even if a well known alt was in my same system and a hit squad the nearby system (Poinen). I have no excuses. I’m not looking for. I wish there was either way better loot, or KEYS, so at least common looters, gankers, etc, would have to SPEND SOME ISKS and not have everything on a silver plate. Nothing exceedingly difficult to understand. 15 gankers equal 15 keys. That would be a nice income for CCP and I would get my revenge, indirectly.

I’m not trying to be mean or anything but if you did all that wrong then what’s wrong with getting ganked?

Why does anything need to change if you couldn’t do the bare minimum to protect yourself?

Nothing really, just call the event for what it is: GANKERS GALA!

The first thing the *Guardians gala (warning) post was born was for one simple reason: let other players know it is more dangerous to partecipate in this event r/ than others.
So it was a sort of warning to the capsuleers.
Yet I explained I also made some very big mistakes here and there.
Warp gate keys is something of a scripted event addition.
End of story.

When a person ganked it’s almost always their fault. So if you and others took proper precautions then not so many would get ganked.

You aren’t fleeced to use a marauder. You choose to because of your greed or desire, knowing full well that it’s a nice gank target.

No one to blame but yourself.