Guardian's Gala 2020

Sites can be found as beacons on the overview or as anomalies in the probe scanner. Waves of ships will warp in and out (includes everything from frigs to battleships). Ewar includes warp disruption and mild neut pressure (thanks @Chan_aar). Kill enough ships and eventually the Emcee battleship will warp in. He provides the main loot drop, but I did pull an agency booster out of another wreck. It’s similar to last year’s GG, if you remember that one. Fortunately, there are no lootboxes this go round.

Hoboleaks has additional rat info if you want specifics. Don’t know minimum viable tank but I was tanking comfortably with about 600 EHP/s active rep. Looks like rats do thermal, kinetic, and explosive damage. There’s a mix of serpentis and angel rats, so Kinetic is a good damage type to deal (followed by thermal and explosive).

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by previous events, but the loot was disappointing and the spawn rates for the event sites are too low. Out of two sites, loot included some agency drugs, 1 skin, overseer effects, and random trinkets. No implants. No cerebral accelerators. Like I said, I’ve only run two sites so far, so perhaps i had some bad luck. I’ll check back this evening to see. Oh, but the bounty payout was higher than most live events though. Looks like it might be the same as the emerging conduits. So, yay for that I guess.

Site difficulty is probably in the neighborhood of emerging conduits. Personally, I think emerging conduits can be worse, as a large third wave could get me get me down into half armor before I cleared enough deeps from the field to turn it around.
Also, I was using Ikitursas (fit was all T2 save for the damage mods, which were T2 Sinks + Gravid Mutaplasmids).


I’ve seen neut’s from Dram’s and Cyna’s. They are definitely there, quite weak though.

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I just flew through 2 waves of a GG VI site.
I was quite naive and almost got myself killed/trapped. I was instantly neuted, scrammed and plastered with all kinds of ewar. Annoingly they brought a lot of logis (very effective) so that in the beginning i wasnt even able to kill a ■■■■■■■ frig. Especially as they went after my drones like crazy. Almost lost my offense then … :grimacing:
After calming down I picked on their logis one by one and killed my way out.
The third wave is now standing in the site:
4 frigs (Dramiel, Hound, Vigil, Maulus)
1 Dessy (Talwar)
4 cruisers (Oneiros, Exequorer, Celestis, Vigilant)
2 bs (Vindicator)

Have fun ^^

The boss I got in the end (Guardian’s Gala VIP Emcee) had a 10mil bounty and was neuting big way.
Other frigs, cruisers and BS do acceptable damage for a Golem, but you get scrambled for long, if not permanently…
Better have cap boosters I would say.
Drones are dying fast there.
I ended with about 250mil (Tier Oversees effects) and a BPC for Low-grade Savior Alpha (1 run)

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Do you incur any standings loss against Angel Cartel like you would if you were killing normal mission Cartel rats or belt rats?

yes …

Do you happen to know if the standings loss occurs for simply attacking them, or do I have to destroy one to incur the loss? For example, if I attack one, then leave or someone else blows up the one that I attacked, will I still incur a standing loss?

Reason I ask is I have a toon that doesn’t have any standing with Angel Cartel either way, and I’m not about to travel to Null in order to kill them. If I simply shoot at or kill a small ship, I will incur maybe a -0.1 standing loss, but with social skills my standing towards Angel Cartel would now be +2.0

Haven’t come across any sites so far in quite a few systems - am I missing something from my overview?

I can see celestial beacons okay…

It’s an anomaly just like Emerging Conduits. But spawn rates are not high.

Thanks - just found one, eventually.

Hmm, scrambling from the frigs and neuting too - nearly lost my Gila that I was using for normal combat anomalies and had to lose the site

Only manage to do 1 site in high sec. Using a Praxis with Rapid Heavies. Multiple rats will scram including the BS in each wave. Damage was only high in the last wave. They love eating drones, and will scram and web drones which prevent quick recovery.

Rattle with sentries?

Only standings loss I have seen in hi-sec is for the destruction of one particular ship, the Carousing Machariel which gives a -0.003 hit to the Guardian Angels Corporation.

I haven’t received any faction hits so far, but I have only done a couple of hi-sec sites.


Did 3 of these. My thoughts: Loot is 25-30 mil average in HS. Bounty around 10mil, salvage 5 mil. Spawn timer random. NPCs are extremely agressive toward drones. A lot of e-war. As for HS it is difficult site, solo only for experienced pilots.


I just did one in a Phantasm, I barely survived, but I did it.

It was hard though.

Agreed, it’s too much for anything but rather experienced and skilled pilots. I just ran one on a 45 mil sp HiSec alt in a t2 rattle. It was tough but doable once you realise that the neut pressure isn’t that oppressive.

But really CCP what the hell. You have missed the whole concept here: The old guardians gala’s used to be doable in hac’s, faction cruisers, vanilla cruisers and all sorts. Pretty much anyone could have a go and this meant they were heavily contested, people would compete to clear them and get the reward. Pvp happened and it was fun.

By setting the bar so high In hisec this is just going to get farmed by elite mission runners in marauders etc, and ignored by the little guys. why on earth? it should be fun for a player three months into his eve career.


They finally introduced an event that you can’t just ROFLSTOMP in a Gila. Trig space was that way at first. You could stomp any level tier in a Gila.

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All I have is an alpha clone and a passive drake. It sounds like I might not be able to jump into this one. Lol

Events sites actually show up as beacons and as combat anomalies.

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