Guristas Hunt Guide & Verdict


I like to do these seasonal events so heres now this easter event is. Its a random anomaly you find all over the place. Max destroyer level ships allowed (command dessies can go). I demonstrate the event here:

First room is a bunch of frigs, dessies and the occasional cruiser. Best damage type to deal is EM, best to tank is Thermal - these are not typical guristas rats. They scram, neut but dont do a whole lot of damage. No good loot found so far in this room.

The meaningful room is the second one. You need a gate key to access it. You locate these best by d-scanning celestials (belts, planets etc) where you find an “irregular capsule” - make sure to check this on your overview. Kill the capsule and you get a gate key.

Verdict: took a long time to find a key. Its consumed on activation of the gate so you have to do it all again for the next site. Wish more capsules spawned.


Have over 10 keys on me and can’t find any empty site. I hope they buff spawn rate after DT

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How? Where are you finding the keys?

Edit: nvm, figured it out

are there any event-specific drops besides overseer stuff?

Reading the event description first would have saved a lot of it :slight_smile: . They did take care to make sure everything was duly explained.

my loot from ~20 hs site:

raven hunter’s quiver skin
kitsune guristas skin
C3-A bcs module
single run gecko bpc
agency boosters (3% and 5% pyrolancea etc.)
ace podhunters and naughty people fireworks

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Oh, geckos again …

There are also cerebral accelerators too.

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I would recommend that you tank EM and kinetic too. The Corax especially hits like a truck and does thermal and kinetic. The boss does some EM as do some of the frigates.

Can you run those in PvP fit? Else it’s pointless again …

I would think a single frigate would be too damaged by the end of the last wave to PvP effectively. A small group of frigates should blast through the easier site in a PvP fit without problems.

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I’ve done a single data site so far. It also requires gate key from pod to enter the site. Loot was 5 mil ISK. 6th and 7th Overseer effects and some regular data site loot. No SKINs or boosters were inside. Will see how other sites would go…


Are the data sites ship locked too? Didn’t have much time yesterday. At least I was able to probe it down with my Hecate, but no egg in cargo for the entry test.

It’s locked also

searched sites for 1H in HS.
found two capsules and 2 sites and 2 capsules. over 20 different systems and 30 jumps.

total 10M in OPE (that’s all)

combat sites are 4 waves.

Black Rise was full of eggs yesterday, got 4 from 2 systems. But stopped bothering after. Maybe catching a couple more to get the Worm skin at least (as we now have a Worm doctrine in our German fleet).

indeed there was more eggs. Just realized I had two eggs so stopped bothering until I found two sites … which took me 40min or so.

Friendly reminder, acceleration gates consume keys every time one pushes activation button. Some of us like to mash it just like they do with warp button. There is a chance to burn all of your keys at once.

I’m having a lot of fun with this event. I’ve gotten a 1-run Gecko BPC, a few weird looking explorer loot parts that look like stuff you find in a data site that are worth like 30m. I’ve also gotten this:


I’ve run about 5 or 6 sites now. I had a guy in a Kikimora steal a site from under me yesterday. (Highsec… :roll_eyes: ) Wish he would have shared his fit. Ah well. I’ve been running it in a leftover Assault Frigate from the recent FFA. Ishkur. It’s been working fine I use the Assault Damage Control and keep extra drones handy. It’s a PVP fit so it’s maybe not the most efficient but I would rather be able to kill another player if I can.

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I’ve got this:
not sure about the consequences…

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