How difficult is the new gurista event "The Hunt"

I can only play in weekends these days and thus not test it myself, I’m curious if anyone have tried this new event? Is it the same difficulty as the previous Angels event?

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Depends on where you fly them. With a carrier in null sec they are a breeze. Just don’t get caught. In high sec, if you don’t fall for the suspect baiters and have your safeties set to green, you can also breeze through them easily. In low sec, you are probably also going to have an easy time. Just don’t get caught. The NPC are no threat.


Easy in my VNI, hardest part was finding a site not already occupied.

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Cool, thanks for the replies. I guess they are gurista only ships? So I just need to use kinetic resist

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Yes on the kinetic resist and yes you can bring a Drake.


running them p much completely afk in my loki in a WH, sites spawn like 10m after the last disappears, its honestly better than running my sites with the RNG im getting. aka in the past few hours ive gotten 600m from these sites.
Game is ez
id suggest a cruiser with p much anything that isnt paper tanked and youll breeze through them

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I used a standard ratting VNI to complete the Detention Center in null sec.
No problem ignoring the mass of frigates and just beating down the named NPC in the Rattlesnake. Once that is down the site despawns so looting the wreck is easy.

So even in null sec, the Detention Center is super easy. (the Rattlesnake went down slowly to my heavies, but nothing ever targeted my drones so it was just a matter of chipping away at it’s tank while speed tanking the swarm of frigates)

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Do you guys have an issue with the rat spawning times? After I clear the first wave, I have to usually wait around 10 minutes before the rest of the NPCs come.

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I have noticed this problem as well. I’ve run only three sites so far, but two of them I waited 4-6 minutes (about) for the spawns after the initial wave.

I understand adding flavor to events / sites is good, but that long is pushing it a bit. After 60-90 seconds my mind begins to wander… “Is all this sitting around worth it?”

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It’s a bug, CCP dragoon said that they are working on it. But with everything else going on we will have to wait.


What I found is that you can actually farm the sites. The non-boss rats still have a chance to drop drugs and the new BCSs, although its usually the cruisers and battleships. I sat in one for 20-30 min last night and ended up with 5 drugs ranging from IIIs to Is an A-Type BCS a skin and a standard accel. By the time my MTU had cleared the site the next was up. I have also heard you can make decent off the salvage if you do it this way as I ended up with 30-40 wrecks. I think if you do it right you can basically go from site to site as they spawn considering the time it takes to loot and salvage all that.

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you can take most of the rats with a frigate if you want. the only issue is the big amount of worms spawning in the waves. too much to passive tank them (at least in a T1 frig).

in most cases i took the small rats while the other people was getting focused trying to kill the boss. with a small ship you can also get the eggs faster than anyone so you can just go for them and move ot the next site. really helps that these rats dont web or scram at all so you can just fit passive tank to survive the volleys while looting the containers.

of course if you come for the rat loot and all its probably best with a Cruiser/BC or even a BS. seen a lot of missile and droneboats. mostly Gilas.

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they are stupidly easy so expect the loot to be worthless by the end of the event

If you are a wreck salvager the event is great because you can let the waves continue to spawn in and as long as you don’t destroy the Rakka BS. A 30 minute site will net a salvage crew around 100 wrecks.

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I dont think its efficient to farm the non-bs rats
considering in a WH my site comes up within 10 minutes again
the booster from the rattle is 20m+ alone

my 2c

You may be right last night I ran one for like an hour. Ended up with a metric ■■■■ ton of wrecks and some decent drops…again about 5 agency drugs an accel bcs and skin. After salvaging the site it might have been about 8m in salvage. So I think there is a sweet spot where you kill all the battleships and cruisers then just end it. By the time you loot everything (I use an MTU and I shoot the wrecks that didn’t have drops) the next is up.

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With today’s release they have changed the way main NPC (boss) is spawned. He does not warp on grid anymore but appears directly on the beacon (distance: 0 KM). I guess it’s time to switch to blaster ship :/.

He also spawns twice apparently, happened to me today

I took on a Hyperion earlier today. It could have been hard since I am flying the Atron. I would say these sites do generate content.

LOL … I just got that as well :D.