How difficult is the new gurista event "The Hunt"

ye i killed a drake yesterday in a C2 running one of the sites. they spawn really fast in WHs, or maybe its just the fact that theres nobody to interrupt me.
theres a ton of people doing them in lowsec as well, its pretty great. seen a vexor, ishtar, and some other things. camped the ishtar, came out with a hulk kill instead. good times, good content, thx ccp


You can plow through them in a Gnosis fit with a combination of mixed drones, heavy assault missiles and medium blasters. Even when PvP fit it worked pretty well.

One has to remember to be careful though - I got vaporized by a supercarrier in one of the lowsec sites. Yes, it was my fault for getting too focused on the NPCs. I was allowed to slaughter them for probably 30 minutes without seeing anyone so not really sharp enough anymore.

Well, got away with a good lesson, some event points and even my pod so not a total loss. :wink:

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I just use a Hecate. 1100 dps and pretty quick.

You can farm them for drugs. Already have 20 x type ballistics and 10 or so extended boosters.

Share fit?

The ultimate site runner is a HAM Tengu with Scourge rage ~900 DPS unheated at ~50km range. With heat you get ~1min of 1000+ DPS. With this fit you win every contest, regardless of your competition. I know, because I won ~50 sites with it around Perimeter, and lost none I was in from the beginning (to my surprise actually).

The rats have zero kinetic resists, my paper volley damage equals to what is shown as applied damage in the logs. My fit perfectly applies to battleships and cruisers. Frigates need one volley more than cruisers.

I’m sharing, because I consider the event as “solved” for me. :wink:

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It’s only because you haven’t yet encountered @Ildrara 's mythical 1100dps Hecate :wink:

Joking aside, that does seem hard to compete with. I’ve had pretty good success winning contests with “just” 700dps in an ishtar. 900 or 1000 should indeed be quite reliable. And missiles travel a lot faster than heavy drones, so you get a head start too…

Yes, drone boats are at a disadvantage because their drones have to travel. See this every site, when the drones arrive I have made already 20-25% damage to the shield.

EDIT: Tengu is the only boat with the DPS and the range needed. I theorycrafted a lot of options, but this is the optimal (this time). Unfortunately you can’t PvP fit at same time.

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I’ve been using HML Gila with 750dps, so far not lost a contest yet. For whatever reason I was losing every now and again with HAMgu, but I might investigate it again.

Edit- and the Gila is nice because I just semi-afk and let the drones do everything until it is time to go full DPS on the boss

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you can also go with polarized hams. 2 slot tank with large sb and an amp is enough. 1500 heated dps and more.

Well, My Loki gun boat begs to differ with you.

Running 5x 425mm AC II’s shooting Republic Fleet Phased Plasma (hvy Therm, lite Kin) lands anywhere from 1000 to 1800 DPS without Overheating. Even does a few hits for over 2k DPS. Republic Fleet Titanium Sabot (full Kin) is a close second in DPS on the rats. I’ve found The Boss takes a bit with his hell of a tank but Frigs basically melt with the Cruisers only needing an extra cycle or 2.

Course max range I’m shooting at is 31km (little bit into falloff) due to having 2x RLML II’s loaded with Scourge Fury Light Missiles (Kin). That adds another 319 DPS to the mix. You’re right about using Scourge missiles, those definitely do the most DPS. Course I don’t really like the small bay capacity and long reload time on RML’s but hey, it works on fast frigs up close. Probably the main thing I dislike about missiles is the delay in DPS after activation.

For tactics I usually just warp to 0 and then orbit the beacon at 10km range after snatching the egg. When the Boss shows up I’ll then orbit and lock him, ready to unload DPS if somebody else enters. Most of the time there’s not a lot of players where I’m running at. Most of us on the Islands will leave if the site is occupied and just go to another site since there’s plenty to be had. However there’s always a few roamers who’ll try to get the Boss kill. So far I’ve only lost that race once to a Tengu / Ishtar double team.

DPS or alpha? Unless you shoot once per second, there’s quite a bit of a difference. “A few hits for over 2k DPS” does not really mean anything either. 2k damage, sure, and that’s pretty nice, but exactly how nice depends how long there is between hits.

If I add up all 5 drones of my ishtar, they do about 2.5k alpha if not more, but unfortunately, they don’t fire every second, so I only get ~700dps…

I’m looking at the DPS numbers scrolling on the screen from hitting the NPC’s. Guess I should have said DP’s per hit. A few hits of over 2k happens on the Boss rat. Average hit is around 1400. RoF is 3.26 s with guns grouped.

@DeMichael_Crimson Kinda meaningless info, need DPS from fitting window

on an alpha with a blaster brutix ni i got a few hits up to 2800 and average 1900. rof is only 2.94 because of alpha. dps are ~900 with drones so u must be under that mark.

Whatever, I posted the damage points that I see scrolling on screen with each hit.

I understand. And again, It is meaningless information in this context.

You’re an Alpha Clone doing on average 1900 damage points with each hit? Good for you.

How is it meaningless? How much damage are you applying with each hit and what are you using to do it with?

EDIT, Also I’m not in game right now so I can’t give you any paper stats.

EDIT 2, For projectile weapons Phased Plasma does the most damage which is hvy on Thermal with lite Kinetic.

Whether the numbers scrolling by on my screen are 180 or 1800 doesn’t mean anything and is irrelevant in this context. The paper DPS is what is important. It’s not complicated.