The Hunt is now live!


The Hunt is on! You have time until 11:00 UTC on 21 April to hunt down and destroy NPC capsules to gain access to special event sites and rewards.

Please use this thread to provide feedback on the event.


This is awesome! As someone who lives in Guristas nullsec space, I really love this update!


Highsec Sites - Guristas Hunt Outpost

Part 1 Find Gate key

  • D-Scan Tab Preset --> Overview Settings -> “Tab Presets” tab --> “Types” subtab --> “Irregular Capsule” (deselct everything else if you don’t want to have to hunt through a billion D-scan entries)
  • Haven’t used probes yet, but I’d guess that you need combat probes.
  • Capsules follow a naming scheme “Mysterious [Color] Capsule”
  • Capsules spawn at planets, moons, asteroid belts, and gates
  • Kill capsule and loot gate key
  • Capsules can spawn outside of systems with event sites
  • It is possible that event sites can spawn outside outside of systems with capsule (it’s also possible that someone killed the capsule, but didn’t run the site)

Part 2 - Run Site

  • Event sites show up as beacons on the overview and Combat Anomalies in the probe scan window
  • First gate is ungaurded and unlocked. Haven’t tested maximum ship size, but I read somewhere that the event was designed for frigates and destroyers
  • First room will spawn multiple waves of 3-5 ships. Mostly frigs and destroyers, with the occasional cruiser. Stats can all be found on hoboleaks , but they shouldn’t pose a challenge to anyone outside of newbros.
  • Haven’t tested to see if you need to kill all the ships or not, but you definitely need a gatekey from a capsule to get through the second gate.
  • gate key only works for one ship and is consumed upon use
  • Final room contains a single frig, which provides the main loot drop.
  • Main loot drop included Guristas Skins, Overseer effects, avatar cosmetics, and C3-A Ballistic Control System, however the drop rate for goodies appears a little low.
  • Only generic loot observed to drop from all other ships.
  • Guristas Bunkers are the only destroyable structures. They have a very small chance of dropping generic loot.
  • Got by with 1x Small T2 Armor Rep and 1x EANM, but I have max tanking skills and a lot of spank for quickly removing ships from the grid. Your mileage may vary.
  • Didn’t pay very good attention to ewar, but remember seeing a scram on at least the final rat.
  • Expect to find a lot of sites with only the first room done until people learn how to unlock the second gate.
  • Definitely seems like a newbro oriented event.

Why do you get a standing hit of -0.3 for killing the pods, like really you are killing DND snitches not some Gurista capsuleer…
and also both the rats and the asset on field feels really half baked with names and decriptions of Silo 1,2 or 3



how can i participate mate?

Maxed Scan Skills / SistersProbes / Anathema with Bonuses… 38% Hit on those pods ?
Are you kidding me ? sorry but got other games to play


Dude its a pod…do you expect 100% on first go?

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Got it to 72ish percent with best Imps / Skills, you can’t scan them down. The capsules are always on some celcestial, so you will only get a direction from combat scanning.


In the first room I saw plenty of scramming, webs, and neuts, all from various types of frigs. Another fun one was a trio of bantams remote repping. I agree that they won’t cause much trouble for most people - I did OK going in blind in a hastily thrown together 70dps breacher.


I was away for a week and now NPCs have capsules? When did that happen?

Edit one hour later:
Oh, i get it. I thought about NPC Capsuleers.:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Are there a lot of capsules? Checked a few systems and found none :frowning:

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Full skilled and dedicated shiny implants + zimba helios zomg fitting:

stuck at 72%+

[EDITED from Noobistan, my bad]

ok gotcha ,
pointless to hunt them with combat scan probes whatever skills/fit
overview: add IRREGULAR capsule (grmlml but thx a lot to the pilot who pointed it here) ,
dscan as usual 360 until you find approximatively the distance, swap to 5° /celestial you target in range, bingo (was a moon for me) , jump on it - kill - loot

(got dead corpse and hunt acceleration gate key)

cheers and happy hunting


learn to dscan.


No it will take you forever to actually find one…

it’s definitely designed to be a huge time sink and probably not worth the effort if you can actually find a key.


it really isnt that hard.

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It’s a bit annoying, because they move from planet to planet, but I was able to D-Scan one right after it moved, and was able to kill it with my Helios’s single drone. Once I gave up on probes, it took about three minutes.


Hi guys! I am an omega new player (started about 1 month ago).
Can anyone tell me what kind of probes you need to find those capsules?
Do you need combat probes or normal probes?

thank you guys!

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First add them to your DSCAN (they are not enabled by default)

Then use DSCAN to narrow down their location. Plenty of youtube vids on how to do this

So far all the ones I have found are on moons.

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You won’t ever be able to scan them down with probes even with the best possible equipment and skills.

You just have to use directional scan then spend the next 45 minutes warping to every possible object in range.


Cool. I see one within 1 AU on d-scan… now I wonder which of the 15 moons in range they might be at ?