Researching the Rogues

Good day,

As part of the Gateway Quadrant, the brand-new Researching the Rogues event is now live in EVE Online! Please use this thread for discussion about the event, new sites or EVE Online landing in the Epic store.


Hey guys,

We have identified a few issues with the event today:

  • The hacking sites are not visible to players RESOLVED
  • The challenge to enter a combat site triggers only when entering the sites in Lowsec. The sites in Highsec, Nullsec and W-space won’t trigger the challenge RESOLVED
  • The Agency UI incorrectly states that the event is not available in Wormholes. This is only a UI issue and players can click on it to get to the event page.

We are actively working on resolving these issues and will keep you posted once we know when a fix can be deployed. Thanks a lot!


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Another event to ignore \o/


Nice attempt to boost PI and Reaction alts.

I can’t find any data site, only combat ones.


That’s right. They are currently not showing to the players. We are working on the fix!


Combat sites are way too difficult. I have near perfect missile skills, decent destroyer skills and yet I got almost instantly owned by 20-something destroyers that warp-scramble for some reason. And then turns out that’s only the first wave of 6.

  1. Let us do that in cruisers.
  2. Whoever came up with this in CCP is my personal enemy now.

Warp scrambling rats have been a facet of NPC events for some time now, for what its worth.

Out of curiosity, is there any reason corvettes are excluded from entering? Just figured if frigates and destroyers can enter a corvette should be too.

I’m guessing this wont be fixed before tomorrow’s reboot time ?


With no in-game warning that this event is broke af, I feel personally attacked by CCP.


I’m sorry wasn’t there a ccp splash logo that came up when you stared the launcher? That should have been warning enough that it was going to be broken.


Don’t know yet. We are investigating if a hotfix is possible to get some of the issues resolved today.

lol… don’t go in a corvette… a cruiser is what you need… or maybe a very well fitted kiki

Spending 2 hours scanning for sites and then finding this forum is depressing tbh. Isn’t this the same as last time there was a data site event?


I’ll give them a shot when I’m home from work. Glad to see more content, even if there are a couple of bugs. Especially glad to see some actually challenging stuff.

No, and still is not.

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Totally spent the last few hours looking for the data sites. :frowning:


Hope this gets fixed soon, always my favorite part of the recent events, as it let me perfectly combine PvP with some ISK making. :slight_smile: