Crimson Harvest 2021 First day Summary

A guiding summary of information on the ongoing Crimson Harvest Halloween event.

So far I had good succuess running highsec sites with a ~600 mil priced Loki.



How much approximate tank is needed?

~80 hp/s with 75%+ resists should keep your ship alive. The more the better obviously.

If you don’t get that much resists, you can probably get away with more hp/s.
I saw someone say they did run the highsec-site with a Gnosis with double-rep. Sounds somewhat plausible.

I didn’t test it, so no guarantee on that.

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Is it fair to assume if you choose Blood Raiders you then fight Tetrimon and vice versa?

I’m thinking of running these sites in my assault frigate- going with a speed tank idea.

Does running the amarr sites impact amarr standings?

You only receive the rewards off the tracker by running the sites for the faction you choose.

But you can run any sites, for your faction or against them. You get bounties and loot from the sites regardless as to which choice you made.

I don’t see any sign of standing changes to either faction or Corp.

I think ccp want everyone to be able to do these events without affecting their normal gameplay.

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You will be webbed a lot.
But I’d like to know if it worked out if you try it.

I ran a few sites, both against Blood Raiders and Tetrimon, but from one Tetrimon I got a -0.24 standings hit with the Amarr Empire for “killing an Imperial Navy Apocalypse” - which I clearly didn’t. (Bugreport was sent)

I’m hopeful that this is a bug and will be fixed soon™.

Few questions, but most importantly - do you get scrammed, or do you get a chance to warp out if you realize you picked a less-than-ideal ship?

I’m mostly comfortable with missile boats. Taking my L4 Golem out for these seems like a big risk hearing that there’s heavy neuting involved. Plus gank odds go up because a) event and b) marauder (even in high-sec)

Would a passive drake setup with some good shield extenders work? Is a Gila viable or do the drones get eaten alive?

I’m a veteran SP-wise so almost all of my core / weapon / shield skills are maxed.

Thanks all - trying not to lose a ship.

Yes, lots of rats have scrams. I’ve had 4+ on me at a few times.

Site likes to target the drones a lot from my experience. A passive set up would work well if you wanted to focus on killing the scrams first over the neuts.

Try to get your resists and hp/s up to what was stated earlier, and get about ~450 dps minimum, otherwise, if you do this in highsec, chance are high that someone can out dps the boss in the final room, or if you’re doing it in low/null, you can clear the scrams quickly so you can get safe


I’m running an auto-cannon Vargur… it works out.


I seriously doubt it would.

I don’t think so either.

Seems like CCP wants you to come up with something different than the all-the-same drone boat.

I think it’s possible, but it’s going to be slow.
I think you can hit the hp/s necessary on the gila and the drake, but you give up a lot of damage. I was able to hit the mark I wanted in the drake with 1 bcs, but the gila didn’t get one to hit reasonable tank numbers that didn’t rely on cap.

Drone sites were better. I like destroyer events.

Also the drone hive was cool.

@ISD_Golem Is there an official thread for this event I didn’t see? Because I do have some complaining to do.

Starting with a question: I would like to know the exact benefits of taking extra steps to stop players from collecting all event specific loot. I’m talking about the faction choosing. Why is this good? And we can’t even see the rewards in the event window before we choose, we need to find the list of items somewhere else.
The rewards for the factions are only equal if you ignore the possibility that players may like some skins more than others. And you can’t even trade the event rewards because they auto-apply when I redeem them. This is the same problem I had with the Minmatar event, though that was worse because I was only allowed to collect a quarter of the rewards for no reason.
But to make up for that, this time the factions have their own sites, which means that half of the content is useless if I want to progress in the event.

I would like to get a detailed explanation for why any of this is good for anyone, because as much as I can tell, literally no one benefits from this system.

Eve is a game of choice and consequences for your actions. Personally I think most events should have these types of decisions built into them.

I would also enjoy harsher penalties such as standings hits for the side you shoot at.

One thing I do agree with is this auto apply nonsense, “soulbound” is not a term that belongs in Eve.

I’ve been running the high sec sites in an active shield Praxis (a variant on an Ash’s kitchen C3 fit). It chews up the drones a bit, but with a shield Regen of around 320 hp/s, there are no problems running through with missiles alone.

The data sites aren’t as rewarding as the rogue drone ones were, but still ok. (I’m not heading out to Derelik, so not going for the top tier ones. I have noticed I’m getting about 4 blood raider sites for every amarr one, but that could be because more people chose to be blood raiders and are chasing points?

Anyway, about 600 million so far, for around 3 1/2 hours of play time, which isn’t too bad :grinning:

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Me and my friends share your experience.
About 70-80% of all sites are Blood Raider X (either data or green sites).
I spent about 10 hours in the event so far and are at ~300 points (choose Blood Raider).
My friend choose Amarr and it only took him half the time for the same points.
Also the only two thing that is worth doing the data sites are Skins and Pyro drugs.