Crimson Harvest Combat sites for a newbie?

I :heart: the Crimson Harvest festival and I am trying to participate as much as possible within my limits - though so far I was doing only the hacking challenges.

I would love to try the CH Combat sites (in highsec) too till the Festival lasts. With what sort of ship one could enter and survive these sites?

I am asking because so far didn’t manage to do any previous events - I was just loosing my ship upon entering. I hope it’s not starting from a BS?

Thank you very much in advance!

Depending on how much newbie you are. Sites seams to be somewhat demanding.

this discussions should give you some idea where you stand. Don’t forget to read blog from greybill in first post.


@Small_Kitty_Paws, @Shipwreck_Jones Thank you very much for your advices! Will be very useful for the forthcoming events too :+1:

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Well, events can sometimes have ship restrictions (for example, the last on only let in frigates and destroyers). So, the Praxis won’t work for everything. But it’s still a great ship for newbros. And, since it’s so popular, you should have no problems finding fits for it.

Anyway, AceyFace and others frequently make tutorial videos for how newbros can run events. So, be sure to keep an eye out in the future. Speaking of which, the next event should be in December.
No P2W

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The most valuable for me in this video is the fittings - you can use quite many ships for the job as long as you know how to make most of it :slight_smile: And, well, learning about the site without getting blown up myself (it’s still a big deal for me to loose a ship)

I will definitely keep track on their vids! Thank!

Yes, I figured there will be a Christmas Event. Also there is a probability of some new-feature-celebration event too :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all your advices! New Eden is harsh and unforgiving place - as it should be - so the less mistakes one does, the better!

Fly safe o7

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