Crimson Harvest 2020 first look at new sites


Done a few of these new sites now. Heres my first attempt at a site:

There are 2 types of sites, one for blood raiders one for this mercenary npc corp (“Shining Flames”). Can be found all over the place.

Loot is ok, you can get sarum & deathglow hunters skins, cerebral accelerators (+4) and these weird clone corpses.



I’m just going to delete my previous post. Initially I didn’t these event was doing to be any good - but it just took me a little while to see how it could be. This is going to be great!

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Hey Marcus,
This is done intentionally. There is always very little in the way of info and sometimes bugs, so you have to arm yourself with information first, and the best way is to either watch a you tube video or get on a chat channel and start asking questions. The events over the last couple years have been designed for tanky ships with the enemies applying lots of E-WAR modules and a passion for eating drones. I did see where CCP put out some info on the event that said BattleCruiser or Battleship is needed. Normally in the past they would not even give you that, so +1 for CCP…LOL!

Is there a bug with the Secure Keys ? My Key states “This cannot be put in Cargo Containers” Which for some crazy reasons you cannot loot it from the can because you cant put it in your hold :confused:

I dislike the notion that these events should require out-of-game sources of information. Generally speaking, it’s just bad formulation of content. As there should be visual aids, investigative actions, and hidden ques within the gameplay environment itself to learn from.

Indeed much of the fun in a game, such as this, is within the exploration and learning of such content. But, for that to happen such exploration needs to be possible - and the learning curve not so steep so as to be akin to high-fiving a brick wall with one’s face.

I refuse to do such out of game research, because, a well designed game shouldn’t require it.

Now, having said that. I was upset at loosing an expensive PvP ship - which has thus robbed me of the enjoyment that I could have had with it. However, having learnt this lesson I can now see that it will be likely more profitable to hunt people attempting to run these sites instead. So, perhaps my loss could be worthwhile.


I’m having your same issue, maybe can only put it in a specific cargo hold?

You can put it in -[redacted]… and get it to a station but so far I cant get it into my cargo hold for love nor money.

Personally I think CCP just ■■■■■■ up… again…

I agree with you on this.

Until that happens, however, older players can use things like extra tanky HAC’s or Battleships to scope out the sites, and then make an assessment on how much tank is needed and/or what ships can handle them.

So I only got to run a few sites yesterday. Does “Good” loot only drop from the BS at the end.
I ran these in 2018 and every ship destroyed drop something good.
I just don’t know if it worth it this year unless I missed something.

What are your thoughts on the Halloween Crimson Harvest event?Ive tried both the Crimson Gauntlet and the Shining light Ratts using a Shield+ Missile Praxis, both have decent drops ~ 15-20 mins per site-- but not anything out of the extraordinary. I have several questions so far.

  1. Which site has more yield in terms of drop?

2.Has anyone tried to sell the Warclone Blanks, Ive heard they can be sold 1M each in NPCs in Delve but I have not tried yet. If so, where specifically (constellation) can i sell them? is there any NPC in HS or LS space where i can sell them? Kinda suicide to go to Nullsec as a solo guy at this point

3.Are there differences in NPC spawn in Devoid, Bleak Lands as compared to the rest of the HS spaces?

4.Whats your most effective/ efficient fit used in terms of time for each site?

I sold them in Amarr for about 900k ISK

I’m using a Sacrilege. Much more mobile.

I’ve done a few off these sites now in catch. The drops have been garbage. I think I lost more isk in drones and missiles than I got back.

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Oh btw tengu runs these quite well.

So does a HAM fitted Legion :grinning:, and make it shrug off all the neuting.

Anyone had a go at the frontline bases or Dark blood gauntlets?

Thats true, but takes time. I found HM Golem works like a charm

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