Crimson Harvest?

Will there be a Crimson Harvest event this year? In past years it has went live on or around October 23rd. I waited to today after downtime in hopes it would go live, but nothing. Can’t find anything about it either?

Yes, it’s coming on the 29th.

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This is the one annual event that almost everyone agrees CCP has done right. (Waiting for the inevitable nay sayer; I see you there, Thanos).

Hope it is as fun as it has been in the past.:tangerine:

I’ll be your huckleberry.

I used to love the live events, but they’ve mostly sucked for the past year and a half. Biggest problems have been poor spawn rates and poor loot drops. Oh, and I’m not just talking about newbro focused events (like the easter egg/ capsule find one). Even the events that aren’t clearly aimed at newbros have been overall disappointing.

I wish they would just go back to what they were doing in 2018 (iirc). You know, before they started with the chromodynamic tricarboxyls, loot boxes, and being stingy with spawn rates and loot. I know we’re now in the age of resource scarcity and all that, but the spawn rates and rewards have been so dissapointed that I’d be stupid for participating. Better to just stick to my regular isk making activities, and buy any goodies that I want from the market.

But, hopefully I’m wrong. I’ll at least check it out.

I have liked past CH (except for lowering of certain drop rates) because they designed it with a little bit of content for everyone. Want to mine? Lots to do. Want to shoot red crosses? Yup. Solo? Group? PvP? All there and all content can be devided how you and your group decides.
At least it’s initial design was good. Agree that subsequent events have been far more a disappointment. Effort to reward is far too high; quit giving log in rewards and use those rewards for in game events.

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