Info for Crimson Harvest 2018

Crimson Harvest 2018 Video

Hey, the new Crimson Harvest sites were briefly up on the test server. I made a video about them, with a bunch of newbro friendly fitting advice. Check it out.


DB loot drop rate is still pretty ridiculous, so get on it while its hot.
Got Disruptor and LAR along with a bunch of fluff like hardeners and plating on the first site.

Yeah, I’m surprised to see it stay so high. i wonder if that was intentional.

Anyway, it looks like there’s a bug preventing the Cthonic Attar ore from being reprocessed. Don’t know how that happened, because it worked fine on the test server.

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Guys, I don’t get it - why it is limited to empire?
In past we had these challenges reapawn in WH space too, making others dive there and create content for the others. This one I know the 1st which does not spawn in WH space.

Well, there were two recent events that were in only in Gallente and Amarr space. But yeah, that sucks. I don’t know why CCP seems to keeps snubbing wormholers.

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