Crimson Harvest 2018 - Event Feedback Thread

Hello spacefriends!

The Crimson Harvest 2018 event is now live! Please use this thread to provide the events team with any feedback you might have.


Known issues:

  • Cthonic Attar (the event exclusive ore) cannot be refined. Patched on October 24th
  • When attacking “Deathglow Harvest Silo” in the Harvest Fields dungeon, an incorrect “dangerous act” warning is displayed. Patched on October 24th
  • Too much high end faction loot is dropping. Patched on October 24th

Wormhole systems are correctly not hosting sites for this event.


So, again you are not testing…
Beacons won’t dissapear.
Flying around empty beacons from system to system – it’s SO cool…

update: we have to destroy structures for new waves. Large Col. Obj. should be visible in overview.

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Beacons do disappear after large spawn…

How do we refine the ore ? or what we supposed to do with it ??

got atleast 4 empty or already done sites with nobody in. Beacons still presented.

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Use it on the Accelerator BPCs dropped during the event

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Beacon gone here and new Harvest site spawned

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But dont we need to reprocess the ore or not ?

Which site? Have you tried shooting the shield generators?

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Is the Faction Module drop rate correct?

gauntlet and harvest. No, i don’t shoot structures. So, they must be destroyed?
Even don’t have them in overview.

yes, it’s CRAZY
this is just from one Gauntlet!
And, oops, this just was one wave…


So, in Harvest fields we have to attack (first wave spawns) and destroy the silo (second wave spawn).
Newbies, be aware of VERY HIGH DPS! Neuts and webs. No scram at least.
Gila will retreat or die.
It’s the only one half of the loot from ONE Harvest Field.


According to BPC info one has to reprocess Chtonic Attar to Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls - if i try to reproc in npc or player station, this is not possible.

Ok sites not despawning for me and cant refine the ore ??? Was this even tested ? :rofl:

shoot silo. add Large Col. Obj. to overview. You’ll be surprised with rats )


After reading all posts, it looks like battlecruiser is minimum vessel class for this event? Gnosis with good tank should do it?

I’m suggesting T3 cruiser with a very good active tank plus good capacitor delta.
Dame type to deal – EM or Thermal.
Damage to resist – only EM and Thermal.

Frigates - web. Heavy and many. You’ll be pinned.
Cruisers - neut. With o resists and small capacitor you’ll be drained empty.
BattleShips – just DPS.

DPS is heavy. Think as a hard 4-th level agent mission.

Example of the loot from an MTU in Crimson Fields (it’s a one site. fireworks estimate prices are not true, so total is also too big. just to keep in mind):

Drop rate is too good to believe your eyes :stuck_out_tongue:
It will brake all the market prices for Dark Blood modules…


And what damage type do they deal in sites?
PS. Just saw edited post. Thx