Crimson Harvest

So the Crimson Harvest in high sec is marauders online and as they do 22m dps you bring a marauder or nothing great event should have just lock the rooms once someone in so I don’t have to play marauders online I can play eve online

So if you are a new player ccp like nope this event not for you joke



Over the years, there have been events that are more accessible to new players like The Hunt, for example, and ones where beginners don’t stand a chance - Crimson Harvest, Guardian’s Gala or the winter event. CCP has always assumed that events are to be based on competition. New players have the opportunity to find out that New Eden is not a very nice place, and why.

Marauders blitzing event combat sites and dedicated explorers in T2 explo frigates/Astero yoinking with ease all event data sites from the nose of players trying their chances at hunting down data sites in basic T1 explo frigs. Thieves picking up loot from boss wreck from combat sites. And of course in the case of Crimson Harvest - high risk of gank.

Yes, a weak moment to spread your wings as a newbro. But at least those of the new players who don’t get discouraged after such a show of powercreep will maybe stay in this game, because they will accept the reality of this game and get a taste of such gameplay. Even if that taste is bitter and seasoned with the salt of tears.

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The events should be accessible to everyone not just those who have 50m SP and 50b isk so they can come with whatever ship is best. If the rest of the game is not accessible that is fine you should work towards that but the events should be accessible to all and FUN


no, never eliminate the content factor ! its bad for EvE because eve lives from content !

i would rather like to see, a ship list wich cant fly this content but then you got other overpowered ships to content. New player always need to content in such limited events to good skilled players

you need to live with this or find a region which is quiet and you can run with less content but then youre way off jita :wink:

not only for crimson harvest event !

it is, but its like everything else in eve ! everything is opened for everyone still for “newbes”
you only need to find your way to do what you want

50m SP is not enough to “come with whatever ship is best”. Not even slightest.

It’s okay. There’s tons of other things to do besides what CCP serves on a platter. I’m not even sure I would like doing them and the fact that I haven’t even tried speak volume.

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Boohoo… build a bridge and get over it

I’m disappointed, as a beginner there is no way to do anything (I tried, it’s better if I didn’t) I see on Twitch they collect hacks (like miners) and I can’t find one!(!(

Scanning doesn’t take that much sp or isk. Won’t make as much, but you can still have fun with it.

i’m new i watch twitch and it’s so easy to hack and earn isk ))i don’t know how they do it but i spent hours searching and got killed 3 times while scanning and hacking !mostly i find empty space !

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