Events not new player friendly

The title says it all i have no chance to participate in any of the events that happen players with large fleets enter the sites and destroy everything before i get the chance or collecting bounties on level 1 security missions is not enough


FInd a nullsec alliance. Join them

Blow the ■■■■ out of dozens 1M battleships

Swim in ISKs.


Move from the popular areas.


I’ve been letting anyone shoot the Drifter in the sites I run. The loot drops from the boss suck anyway and there is far more ISK to be made farming the unlimitend Sleeper frigates.

The problem that I found is only about 1/10 players actually fit their ship such that they can even hit the Drifter, and of those that can the vast majority don’t have enough DPS to break its tank.

Even outside those the event is not beginner friendly. The DPS is considerable and the EVE cruisers and battleships have significant tanks. You have do them in groups pretty much. Encouraging group play is one thing, but I am not convinced CCP has found a good solution here by requiring it but not rewarding it.


Not all events are for everyone. CCP try to do events that different levels of player find enjoyable. Maybe next event will be for you and us bittervets will be moaning at how terribly easy and boring they are (for our skill / equipment level).

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I think this event spans a wide range of challenge. Some of it can be done solo, with the same alpha-flyable ships as previous events. As far as I can determine so far the battleship seems to need a fleet.

But, the main way of collecting points is via bounties and they’ve reduce the cap for this massively. You only need 5M in bounties for the 5th tier. This is repeatable every hour and they’ve changed the points so you get 10x the tier, so 110 points every hour for clearing the bounties. CCP have also increased the cap for rewards to 1200 points, so you do need more but you can still complete the reward track in 24 hours if you feel so inclined.

There are skins and boosters dropping off the cruiser boss, so most people should be able to get them, once the excitement dies down. I have no idea what the battleship drops as I’ve not managed and haven’t yet seen the results of anyone else beating it either. I think it’s good you might actually have to fleet up for it.

Only problem with that is CCP said:

‘With various challenges for pilots of all levels of experience, and a number of different encounters that are tailored toward rookies, solo play, group play and PvP, there’s something in this event for everyone…’

So … yeah.


While I agree the event is weighted towards higher SP or Gilas, “something for everyone” is not all encompassing. Sure new players will have a hard time completing the site, but they will have ample opportunity to get dank loot from infinite(?) frig spawns.

OP - Over the past year, CCP has offered a variety of event conditions. Some have been new-player friendly with quite good rewards (battlecruisers and battleships, even). Others have focussed on being completeable with specific higher-end ships and T2 or faction gear.

This event actually is doable by Alphas. You can ‘participate’ just with bounties, which you get from almost any content. Note: ‘participate’ doesn’t mean ‘earn something good’, because the reward system with its’ 400-800-1200 point goals translates to “only if you can farm huge bounties every day”. And even then, the rewards are lacklustre.

Alphas can profit from the event directly by farming the frigates… although the salvage is next to nil, there are no bounties, and the value of the drops is mostly in the Agency Boosters - which will soon drop to nothing as everyone can farm literal boatloads of them from the frigates.

Alphas who have gone beyond the basic 5 million SP limit, and unlocked pirate cruisers, faction/pirate BSs, and T2 level weaponry, as well as being able to afford some bling (faction webifiers, or Geckos, for example) can actually complete the high sec cruiser sites. Or if they team up with a tackler and DPS combo.

So the event is not really ‘new player friendly’, which is okay; certainly some events should encourage players to go Omega at least long enough to unlock some better ships and gear.

On the other hand, since the event requires substantial ship/gear/skills to do, and a pretty big grind for points, in order to receive minimal rewards (400 pts for a soon-to-be-worthless agency booster? 800 for a mediocre accelerator?) - the question is… why bother to do it at all? There are more interesting and profitable things for people with those ships to do.

@OP: Actually, as far as I can see, this event is the most newbro-friendly yet. Firstly, ff you are new, you can’t expect to be gunning for the top-tier prizes already - that’s unrealistic and, frankly, unfair. However, you CAN participate to some extent: you can kill he frigates spawning endlessly and collect the loot that drops from them - here’s a little something you may not realise, not so long ago, in some events ALL the prizes were concentrated in the boss - in that case, yes, new players could just as well not bother. But now there’s something for everyone. Also, you get to score kills doing this, toward the Agency goals. Finally, because the boss now spawns from the very start, if you start on it right from the start and keep dealing it damage, then after some time some veteran in a big ship arrives to “ruin your day”, he’ll be doing you a favour - if he finishes it off for you, you will still get the wreck, if you were there long enough - this means that it’s a lot less likely for some greedy high-end parasite to push in and take away your hard-earned candy. This event FAVOURS the underdog, in as far as that is possible without it being made unfair on the older players who, let’s face it, have SUPPORTED the game and its developers for years, and therefore deserve the lion’s share.

Might I suggest asking and establishing facts, before complaining about something. I haven’t read the other replies to your post, but I’m sure there are lots of valid and helpful comments being posted there.

In any MMOGame that features incremental growth/development of a character, it is not reasonable or even rational to expect to be reaping the cream day 1 - imagine a level, say, 5 character in WoW or Aion or something, expecting to be competing for level 60 content? That would be absurd. The only difference here is that the content stratification is not done as much by location, but more by what fruit your grasp is able to reach.

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OP means entirely new player, like that he can only complete lvl 1 mission at this time. At least ships will be given out for free.

we literally had a player less than a month old running the sites yesterday with no problem

Why does everything need to be “beginner friendly”, do you realise lowering the entrance requirements to stuff just demeans and diminishes the investments of vets?

Bountiful Prey is “beginner friendly”. It doesn’t take long to rack up 8m ISK in bounties.

I am not indicating that it has to be. This event is not really great for veterans either, though. Unless you are a pro-suspect hunter in High sec.

No one said it had to be easy now did they.

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why don’t you try and join one of those fleets? maybe even make your own.

and if lv1s aren’t enough try some lv2s. If you did the tutorials, Career missions, and SoE arc you should be plenty ready for lv2s and probably have 20-30mil isk, and a handful of ships. Or as said go to null, salvage behind a ratting cap and make more till you can afford a ratting ship of your own.

Personally I haven’t run any of the sites, but I saw someone run a few of the one you had to probe down and they were killing it solo in a battleship. I’d guess the smaller sites are a bit easier to run.

Well… you can steal loot if you want. Do not need to be veteran or even Omega for that.

Or you can group with others.

So technically CCP didn’t lie: everyone can participate.

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Yeah technically.

With some very kind stretching of the imagination and redefining of the words used.

Very kind.