Conscious Interruption Problem

(Maire Devylin) #1

So I started one of these and 45 minutes later I am still killing a never ending onslaught of drones. Does it end? Is there a way to end it? I’ve got 3500 fireworks now and there are still 30 or so wrecks to loot. No battleship to kill, to special cruiser. Am I missing something?

Make it stop…

(Sindara T'Soni) #2

I’m kinda glad I’m at work :rofl:

(Arthur Aihaken) #3

It never ends. An hour on a site (and 80M+ ISK later) and they’re still pourng out of Deadspace. Zero bounties, though - so part of The Agency challenge is glitched. After all these events you’d think they’d know how to roll one out by now…

(Maire Devylin) #4

THANK GOD, it’s not just me.

So many stupid fireworks…

(CCP Falcon) #5

Passed this over to the relevant people for a check up - the team is looking into it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Maire Devylin) #7

Thanks. I came back to the site I was in after about 45 minutes and the named ship was finally there.

(CCP Sledgehammer) #8

Thanks for letting us know, can I ask what system you encountered this in? Feel free to PM me your response if you want to preserve opsec.

(Chan'aar) #9

I have a feeling that the constant swarm of Sleepers in the cruiser site might upset some market people. There is an opportunity to just farm the sleepers rather than complete the site. In the battleship site the sleepers warp out after 5? minutes I think they need to do the same in the cruiser site.

(Maire Devylin) #10

It was in Raa.

Also, that named cruiser is insanely tough. I mean - stupid tough for the rewards you get from it. Fireworks, a skin, some drone stuff. Not really worth the effort. Not even close.

(Zachri) #11

Conscious Interruption …

Coitus Interruptus …

(CCP Sledgehammer) #12

Yeah, and that should be the behavior here, we just broke something unexpected.

(Maire Devylin) #13

Thanks Sledgehammer. Appreciate the follow-ups.

(Dyver Phycad) #14

And is it intentional that a carrier cannot break an Apate Tyrannos’ passive shield tank and that it warps out just a couple of minutes (less than 5) from the time of warp-in?

Just destroy the cruiser and it stops. It’s the only worthwhile target anyway, unless you want to farm infinite agency points. In fact, you should probably exploit this today and until the fix to get lots of points, which you will undoubtedly not get that easily after the fix.

(CCP Sledgehammer) #15

If Apate has warped in under 5 mins, then that is an issue, but it is also possible that someone entered the site before you to start the timer. As for his tank, we were aware that going into this it would be difficult, and we had envisaged that for these more difficult sites, people would group up (obviously an assumption we are testing). That said, we know by what amount to scale it back and if we continue to see this sort of sentiment regarding Apate, we’ll get those changes out swiftly.

(Dyver Phycad) #16

Doubt that someone went into that signature before me. The last time I did that cloaked, the site started spawning NPC like crazy and vanished few minutes after I warped out. This signature is the same as it was 2 hours ago.

As for the group play. Is it worth it, though? You need at least 2 webbers to stop it from moving, and then 5+ damage ships as my 2k DPS carrier could not break it. And then logi. That means you need around 10 people just to break that thing as it is now. If that Apate does not drop 10 accelerators, group play is really not going to happen.

(CCP Sledgehammer) #17

What system was that in and did you do it on this character?

(Dyver Phycad) #18

No, I did not do it on this character. Can you send me a private message as I do not want to publicly reveal the system name. :slight_smile:

(CCP Sledgehammer) #19

Sent in-game.

(Tusseluring) #20

Unable to break the cruiser using a nighthawk, that means a drake can’t do it either. Manage to take only some 20% of its shields. Drones also don’t stay on it, they constantly break lock and hunt the smaller ones. Ccp should fix it so the cruiser rat isn’t invulnerable like that. The smaller ones are ok.

(Sindara T'Soni) #21

Not gonna happen. People can’t wait to find someone else doing a site to steal from or bait into an engagement. The day random people in EVE nicely cooperate to complete special event sites will be the day it’s not EVE anymore.