Operation: Conscious Interruption help

Anyone know how to find these sites for the event? Never done drifter stuff before since I haven’t played since 2015.

There are beacons where the sites are…check a few systems

Cool thx for the help.

You’re welcome.

There are also Operation: Drifter Interruption sites that you have to probe out to find.

Hello there, not completely related to the OP, but as it is the first time I’m running this kind of event, I was wondering if there was a max amount of point I can gather each day ? Or can I make all the points needed in one day (if I take the time to do it of course) ?

Thanks for your help.

Check your “The Agency” tab for progress. It gets harder to get points as you succeed, but resets back to 100k bounties/10 drifters each day

Good luck!

Good to know. Thanks for your help.

Any of these show up in drone regions?

They have a chance to spawn in any system

People in game have said certain missions in the event will only show up in NPC null sec.

Maybe the “Signal Interruption” ones are the null sec ones you heard of. Haven’t seen any of them in hisec yet.

I have had the Signal Interruption in highsec. It is an escalation from the scanned down battle ship site.

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