Warzone extraction info/thread

Normally Id be looking on Reddit right now but havent found much info on this yet and like a dummy I forgot to check sisi.
Since it’s starting after downtime any info on it that’s already known?
Difficulty/number of NPCs/rewards etc

The site has 5 drifter ship wrecks (LCO’s) to be investigated (ie bump them) there is a possibility for a can to spawn which drops the item needed to complete the site.

There is also a possibility for Sleepers to spawn, usually in mixed groups of frigates, cruisers and battleships. These things web, scram, and neut your cap as well as applying damage across all 4 damage types.

Active tanks will get you killed, passive tanks need lots of dps to burn through the high hp numbers the bs have.

Rewards are skins, agency tank/speed/damage boosters and cerebral accelerators, the sleepers also drop the blue loot that can be sold to npc buy orders.

There are just two daily challenges, complete a site and kill 20 sleepers. These reset after 20 hours.

An issue that has just occured @CCP_Phantom whats to stop people running the sites and hoarding up the item drop to insta-complete sites the next day?

Edit: - and if sites are run and the loot drop is not made, do they despawn after x amount of time or are they just going to sit there ?

Nothing in particular will stop you from hoarding them. Sure, there is some value in hoarding and completing several sites over the course of a few days. Unfortunately I don’t have a good fix for that at the moment. If this were a more permanent type of site, I think we would find a way to remove the item from your cargo if you left the site.

Another concern and one that I can address tomorrow or Thursday will be to despawn the site if the relic goes missing. That way we don’t have a bunch of broken sites sitting around.


hehehe, looks like we thought of that at the same time.

Seriously I can see that issue becoming a problem. If only because we Eve players are jerks and will love to annoy people by leaving dead sites around.

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I have only one question, do Warzone event sites have a secret?
I can say “maybe”, because i find some interesting moments on points inside site (and info from hoboleacs).

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Good job Eosian Inquisitor


I’d prefer not to leave the dead sites behind and we can fix that. Actually had a fix ready about an hour ago, just not sure how big of a problem it will actually be.

I can neither confirm nor deny.

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OUCH :disappointed:

Okay. Now i know only one game where I saw something similar.

So I’ve done two with a corpmate.

Seen a max of 8 NPCs and we almost died in the second site from a wave of 3 battleships and 5 cruisers. We took turns warping out to repair and come back in and take aggro. We were hovering in hull though for a while.

Only drops I’ve seen are agency boosters.
(Damage, speed, and tank so far) and some blue sleeper loot. (Ancient coordinates, Data libraries)

Have not seen anything like skins out of the 30 or so wrecks.

Neuting seems to be at 25km.

Overall… 5/10 first impression so far. Loot lack luster, almost died in the second room being unable to warp out and being capped out for less than 6m loot total less than 1m salvage and no bounties. Very slow going between beacons trying to spawn waves or a can I guess.

Just like the casino event it seems to be more trouble than it’s worth to run them because of the difficulty where the casino had no loot and was mind numbingly boring. This is made for people witj perfectly skills or t3 ships and stuff.

Best format ive seen is rogue swarm/guardians gala with guaranteed drops at the end.

I had some really good experience running the event site. I was alone in my Gnosis and the sleepers incapacitated my ship, neuted it dry, webbed and warp disrupted. But then a Vexor pilot came and we managed to kill these bastard sleepers together!

However: I did notice that the sleeper NPCs have the old generic red cross icon in the overview and some strange types (when right-clicking to add to the overview their name/type is displayed in a strange way). The red cross icon thing prevents pilots to identify the size of the sleepers they are fighting…

Also beacons can’t be shot, and the station can’t be shot.
The NPCs are glitched and unnamed in the overview but you need to check the "no message######"s under entity. Beacons are large collidable objects.

Man, it is not similar “warp > kill them all > loot” site. It`s a puzzle. Be smarter and use test server for tests.

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Add new NPC objects to overview. it is now rocket science.

Do you clear cache files?

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Idk about a puzzle, only seen 5 random beacons NPCs spawn at.
One might have a can from what the other person above said. There has to be clues or pieces for it to be a puzzle, half the NPCs are broken in the overview currently so idk if there’s supposed to be a hint of something.

I like the warp in and shoot ones better. Those are grindable and you get a guaranteed skin in the guardian gala and rogue swarm. I wish they’d go back to the blood raider and shadow serpentis ones I’ve only heard good things about.

@CCP_Dragon any problems with “no messageID: 529463” ?
Can you check it, because i don`t see correct line for 529463, 529465 - first. Player from reddit report it.

Additional to the useful info provided already by the community here and elsewhere, we also have a news item available with some info:


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NPC Group Names didn’t get patched in correctly. That was my fault. I’m still learning all of the different processes here so I missed out how to verify that.


I`m believe in you. You can fix it!

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UI bugs: CHECK
Spawning bugs (ability of leaving dead sites): CHECK
7% boosters/lackluster rewards: CHECK
Terrible “gameplay” (just fly around drifting from wreck to wreck to see if magic lootcan drops) : CHECK

I mean what is going on with these Events?

Pve dailys/bi-monthly events ARE NOT THIS HARD.

Many many MMOs solved these years/decades ago.


It is just so curious as to the development decisions with all these events so far.