Crimson Harvest 2017 info/thread

Went on singularity to test, info is from test server only.

Timers have been replaced with what seems to be a time based dead line.
Example: collect 1 million bounties, 7 hours remaining. Once completed it changes to part 2, and tells you to collect a larger amount of bounties and instead of 10 points you get 11 points, then part 3 for 12 points. Don’t know of a limit yet.

Sites are called blood raider gauntlet
Room 1:
Wave1- 5 frigates (webbing possible)
Wave 2- 4 frigates 1 cruiser
Wave 3- 4 frigates 1 cruiser

Room 2: (acceleration gate)
Wave 1- 5 cruisers
Wave 2- 5 cruisers
Wave 3- 1 cruiser or 1 frigate
Wave 4- 1 frigate (doesn’t always spawn.

Frigate bounties are 10k, cruisers are 120k.

110 points is an agency support kit, 220 accelerator, 330 accelerator, and at 400 a head hunter crate.
Assuming no drops because of singularity from actual sites. All wrecks were empty.

Not sure if the new agency universe map interface is supposed to show event sites.

But the removal of daily timers is already a huge improvement over the last one, you can complete/grind several parts of tasks in one day it seems.


the battlecruiser in the 2nd room drops skins and accelerator, with a possible bs spawn. the trick is to find a ship that can easily go between the frigates in the first room and the cruisers in the 2nd room as fast as possible.

also with the agency missions for it, once you complete the first mission of a chain, you have 18 hours to do as many as possible.

1 chain is bounties, another is # of sites of the Blood raiders you can do, another is mining, and the last is the new pve/mining sites.

All the wrecks were empty. Not sure what skins they drop.

Weird. I just did some and I only got frigates and cruisers. Do you have to wait for it to spawn? Il have to go to low sec and try again

Looks like last year (tested in lowsec) with more(?) spawns. Will try with Svipul again, when out on TQ.

Looks like high sec got the nerf bat again. Just run a chain of 10 Gauntlets on SISI, no battlecruiser spawn, only frigates and not a single thing dropped, no accelerator, no skin, zip, nada, nicht, nothing …

We go from the excellent Warzone to this …


Why is it that there are never any standings hits for killing event npc’s?

On the positive side I do like how the challenges count up. It is a much better system than an artificial cool down timer.

I did mine in a -1.0 system and it was all empty too.

Do we know if they’re supposed to drop stuff on sisi or if there’s a glitch?

I hope the drops arent only in low sec cause that will make the event useless. The drops should be equal across all space.

I ran one site only in lowsec to test DPS/tank/layout, and got one BC with 1 acc, and one BS with 1 acc. So total 2 in one site. But this is hardly statistically significant. According to the statements of CCP_Dragon earlier, he wants the best loot to be in lowsec.

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Yeah so far I haven’t gotten a single drop outside of lowsec.
0% drop in high/null
1/1 in low sec (BC) so 100%, have to try more
idk if it’s glitched or they just went way to far and ruined another event with some poor decision.

If they’re going to waste all the good sites in low sec there’s no point in even participating with these really if you have I inconvenience yourself to do it. Don’t even make them spawn in high or null. Put all of them in low sec and then no one gets their time wasted.


I have to agree, because there is no other loot, it’s pointless to have the sites in high/null if the chance of a drop is really that small.

Yes, as it should be. Time to remove dust from my low sec farming ship. :wink:

Has anyone managed to get anything out of high sec or null sec or confirmed what skins drop?

I did some of these sites in high sec last week. Every battlecruiser in the last room dropped an accelerator and an agency booster, and some dropped Cold Iron skins. I’d say it’s a safe bet that the drops on sisi are not entirely representative of what we’ll see on TQ.

To many factors known. Uninterested in event. No one pushes me around. I agree to PVP anywhere when I click the un-dock button, yes. But I’ll be damned if I let you purposefully lead me to slaughter.

With that being said I still think you’re straight gorgeous (event organizer) and should at least entertain my following suggestion/s.

A Crimson Titan should have a 0.7% to spawn and doomsday your face anysec. Drifters should warp in randomly and Space Swirly your vessel into pixel dust 3% of the time even if you’re docked. Sleepers should spawn wormholes and Minmatarburn your vessel into asteroid fields that miners can salvage with mining lasers that use special event crystals. Inbox me for more great ideas. I promise to keep them secret.

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i think theres something wonky with this event on singularity lol

the highlighted items are from a single low sec site, 3 frigates, 1 cruiser and 3 battleships spawn at the end, one with the clothes, and harbinger skin, other one droppped sent skin, all 3 had one accelerator each and a booster each, the 4th booster is from another site.
also the battleships were neuting nearly equivalent to the safeguards from the last event. 3 battleships, 300gj neut cycles.

i believe the frigate webs are 75%

going back to high sec to see if spawn rates have changed.
edit: high sec site after this drop, had no spawns, all empty wrecks. going to second site in same system.

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I know they want low sec to have better rewards but damn :hushed:

i was mistaken, one battleship neuts for 300gj, its not 100gj per battleship like i thought.
if you get three battleships neuting at once itll be 900gj and youre dead in the water in lowsec/null. risky if active tanked.

i think its been tweaked slightly as for drops @Chan_aar
i went back to high sec now and have gotten one battlecruiser with an accelerator, and a second site had battlecruiser with accelerator blood dagger fireworks, deacon skin, mens outlaw blood raider boots, mens sterling dress shirt red/black accelerator and a battleship bonus with another accelerator.

if there was a glitch outside low sec it seems to be fixed because initially none of the high/null sites dropped anything.

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will update again if i get a head hunter skin as a drop somewhere, some of them seem to not have working lights atm though so they just appear flat black without the red details.

At least there is no point …

they are dropping the cold iron skins, accelerators and some fireworks