Bad luck? DAWN OF LIBERATION event

i have finishe the event … got my 800 points yesterday evenning

after that i was running a event site for more boosters and skins … killed the battleship rat and saw no booster and no skin inthe wreck

never happend befor

tryed a 2nd event site with the same result … no booster/skin in the BS wreck
3rd event site … same

i allways got a booster and a skin … was this really lucky or normal?
if it was normal why i dont get any booster/skin now?



Gratz on completing the event. Maybe it’s a bug.

Just before DT I was at 90 points, loaded up a hauler with Freed Slaves gained from previous sites and the Agency didn’t add the points for it.

Anyway, I spoke to another player in-game who’s at 100 points and he said he’s only got 1 booster to drop in wrecks so far, I’ve had 6 boosters drop. He got a few skins for cruisers to drop, one for T3 Cruiser Loki, I got 2 skins for Frigates in the wreck drops, one for Vigil Fleet Issue and another for Scalpel.

So that tells me the wreck drops are random. We didn’t compare the reward packages so I don’t know if those are random. I got a Republic Fleet Firetail skin in the Frigate reward. In the Republic reward package I got an extended Cerebral Accelerator which I immediately consumed and another Booster.

Seems to me the Cerebral Accelerators aren’t included in the wreck loot drops which I think is good, definitely will make them more valuable. Also I haven’t seen any Apparel items included in the drops, kinda bummed out about that.

Apparel items should drop too? damn i missed that …
got 2 caps male and female in the 800 points container but nothing in the sites …

thx @DeMichael_Crimson
looks like i was REALLY lucky with the drops



Yeah the accelerators do drop. I’ve had loads


I don’t know if Apparel items were suppose to be included. All the other events with loot drops had Apparel items included so I figured this event would have them too.

So Cerebral Accelerators are also included in the loot drops of wrecks? Cool, hope I get some lucky drops happening.

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Yeah in the battleship wrecks

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This has been completely normal (and frustrating) for me.

I’ve run dozens of sites, am around 600 points, and have only netted 2 basic accelerators, 1 Advanced accelerator, and 4 skins. I’ve had multiple hauler and BS spawns that have dropped nothing.


Not every BS has an accelerator. I would guess chances are a bit north of 50%.


I’ve run two toons to 800 points. Total loot is

  • 11 +6
  • 5 +10
  • 1 +12
    So it means 17 accels dropped for 40(cans) + 10(kills) + 15(completion) = 65 points/site => 24 sites. So a bit more than 50%. Or maybe I made more sites since some had only the 40 from cans.

I also got several sequences of “no pirat” site. I opened all the 9 (?) cans and no pirat at all (so no BS obviously)


Thanks for posting this- it sounds like I have been having bad luck as well, as others seem to be getting more than I have been.

I’ll keep at it as long as my wrist and fingers hold out! :slight_smile:

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After 1000 points I really stopped looking.

As hisec goes

Battleships are not guaranteed to spawn, you could just as easily get 2 haulers and haulers don’t carry accelerators.
+12 accelerators drop but are very infrequent.
The only way to get the extended accelerator for me so far was the silver crate.
All droppable skins seem limited to a Marauder tops.


CCP made a nice feedback thread just for this event, and here we are in another one …
(ISD consider merge?)

Also confirming randomness of spawns and loot drops. Ran one site, all cans - no guards spawned. Accelerators working out to be rare drops, having +6 in the mix further dilutes the availability of +10, which used to be the standard size.

I like that everyone in the site can get 10pts for the “liberation” task, if they were eligible for it based on their personal timings. (If you were still in cooldown from a previous attempt and jump to the next system and site, where someone else completes it for you, no points.)

I’m concerned about using these accelerators, the lore text makes me wonder if they might be laced with vitoc…


4,270 points. :tripletsparrot:

4 of the +12 accelerators have already been consumed. Found 9 in total so far.


Impressive loot collection too, do the NPC’s only spawn with a successful hack or will a failed hack attempt also spawn the NPC’s?


Again only 1 extended accelerator meaning they only come from the silver box.
Also no capital skins with the highest level being a Marauder.

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Has to be successful.

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Capital skins don’t exist yet. Just do a market search for “liberation.” Perhaps they will be ready for next year this time; I imagine this will become an annual, seasonal event.

OFC you may be thinking of the “chainbreaker” capital skins - they have a different color pattern in addition to the floating Kumaak ‘holograms’. CCP clearly wants them to have extra value by not giving them away. I’d expect these to be offered in the NES again, next year as well.

Thanks for the reply. I think CCP should have had the NPC’s randomly spawn instead of being dependent on a successful hack.

Honestly, I’d be fine if there were only MORE spawns to balance out the relatively light loot table. The non-BS ships occasionally drop Agency boosters, so that would at least keep us going.

I’m happy to say that my luck tonight was slightly better- another 12 sites or so and got a few more skins, 3 Basic accelerators and 2 Advanced. Enough to keep me at it for a while anyway.

I think the issue here is that they went a little too far with the balance of the loot. After the past couple where we could farm the living heck out of them, the value of some of the items tanked, so I get the desire to want to balance that out.

The hacking element becomes a time sink for the runner. I mean that in a positive way- it takes longer to complete the site, so farming inherently yields less. I could do with a whole lot less clicking, but I understand using that mechanism to slow down the farming.

The problem that I have is that the loot table also seems reduced from previous events. When those two things are combined, it adds up to a nerf in the loot that can be gotten per hour, and the hacking can get really, really grindy because there are so many cans with a relatively low hack to spawn ratio. In other words, each site can take a lot longer AND yield less than previous event sites.

At least that’s my take.

I know this sounds a bit whiny, and I suppose it is, but the amount of clicking for what winds up in my hangar is sort of putting me off.

But, all that said, I do want to give props to the devs for this one. They tried some new things by localizing the event and mixing mechanics and activities. I appreciate that. While I’m not thrilled with some elements of this, I’m glad the team is trying to give us new and different things to participate in for these events.

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