Minmatar Liberation Day

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That Trailer was pretty awesome. Good vibes
Might switch sides in FW. Depends how cool the Caldari one will be.

There will be a Caldari one right ?

Gallente one was pretty lame but what you expect from Gallente.

Minmatar on the other hand. Very cool.

That is all. Thanks.


All I can see in this video is the Pyongyang Ryugyong hotel (0:46).


When did CCP start giving a :poop: about lore? :laughing:


Those Slashers and their autocannons. :slight_smile:

Also, the events are pretty good. Benefit greatly from cooperation, and there’s a loot can to fight over. :grin:


glad you guys are happy that we liberated you for one day
dont forget double shift on the weekend

Right ? Thats why I love it.

I hope they follow up with the Amarrian and Caldari soon.

You really don’t think this was CCP’s idea do you.
The annoying ingame popups, the prompts for liberation day and minmatar liberation games, that you can’t hide or dismiss - All stinks of PA marketing strategies

Only problem (as expected) the reenactment sites are perma camped.


I’m just wondering where the Liberation Data sites are located, can’t find any. I’ve already checked a bunch of systems that have the Liberation Combat Anomaly sites.

Hello CCP ,

please tell me: HOW should I finish the event and getting the 510 points for the skin line I choose?
Ran through the historical sites which yielded 110 points. Then started to do the combat sites.

After 3 hours running around, getting into around 12-15 (did not count) sites, I could only destroy ONE endboss . I am no at 140 points after several hours of gaming.
How should I finish this until the event runs out with that high requirement on points and on combat sites overfilled with other guys that already cleareda site or comes in and steals the bosskill?

Or do you want to tell me that this event is actually only for a small group of people?

The event skins can not even be traded or sold or bought of by me.
So tell me : how can I aquire these skins ?
With only a few hours available during week and only a few hours available during weekend due to job, family, kids, and so on?
Is this fair? Do you want to alienate me , maybe also others, even more from this game to make us stop playing it?



You gotta leave highsec, then you can run the sites uncontested by hordes trying to get the final blow.

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I’ve found a bunch around Minmatar Highsec. It’s just a bunch of competition for them.

Lowsec is a bit easier, but you’re at more risk.

There are some good skirmishes in lowsec at these sites. The payouts are good enough to fight over and there’s lots of people looking for kills too.

Best event in a while! (and the others were pretty good too.)

Skipped homework, chores, now to do a dozend more sites, always the same: either already done
or endboss shot away by others even after I cleared the pockets
or site overpopulated with others

Now restarted the event with another char, Amarr char in an Omen; T2 equipped ship with conflagration ammo;
entered pocked, killed 5 rates, impossible to finished because endboss always shot down by someone else , no after the … 7th or 8th pocket.

I don’t care about any … tribe points or such; all I tried to get are the skins.

And concerning low sec: no change to get a site farmed for some event points before being attacked by another player shooting me down and also preventing this be done

So CCP answer my question:
WHY are there no points earned for sites cleared by whomever clears the site?
WHY can I not skip the “destroy prophecy” challenge for some “destroy 5 rats” challenge? I destroyed around 100 rats by now … BUT FOR NOTHING … what a waste of time

WHY are these skins not tradeable, sell able, so i could just buy them at Jita and be good with this ?
WHY can I not just buy them from the Plex Store, putting hard cash into the game?


You guys gotta leave highsec. Sites are still soloable.

Also, the SKINs you get from points and logins auto apply, but the drops in the sites are tradeable.

This event is great because of the pressure it puts on people to fight/cooperate.

Please don’t make future events easy autocompletes.

Great job on this CCP!!

And take risk??? :scream:

JK, most wont.

Which is it Solo OR Cooperate?
As for the fight part, from what I saw in lowsec it’s just vets smacking the newer players this event is designed for.
Lowsec “Oh look a Stabber trying to get points for the event, wonder if my Gila can pop his noob ass”

I had no idea that skins were so popular.

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die well dressed - YouTube

Lol, it’s like you can talk your way out of anything.