Liberation Day broken

So the announcement said . . .

“In addition, you can visit Liberation Day event sites and witness celebratory parades where there will also be daily challenges with Skill Point rewards. These will take place in the Rens, Hek, Eram, Teonusude, Pator, Altrinur, and Hjoramold systems.”

That seems to be, well, the opposite of accurate. One might go so far as to say “false”. I have now visited the sites in each of those systems and had nothing appear in The Agency, nor in my HUD. After the mess with Federation day, one might assume that the bugs would be worked out.

It seems that player run events are more consistently functional than ones provided by the developers. I am unsure how such a thing could be true.

It appears that all CCP managed was to take the parade beacons from Federation Day, replace them with a Minmatar theme and drop them in Minmatar space. No challenges appear to be attached, no sites to be run, nothing.

I shouldn’t be disappointed, but I am. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. I really expect better out of CCP. Much better.

I remember when in game events had rewards like boosters, accelerators, skins and items to be had. There were enemies to be killed, races to be done . . . you know, content. Not login, here’s your cookie, have a nice day.

You got your 10k skillpoints, didn’t you? Move along.

I’m having the same issue. Supposed to be daily challenges in certain Minmitar systems but finding nothing. A waste of my time matters to me as time is money after all. Can we get some real answers if this is a known thing and being fixed or we just ignoring it?

Where’s the RFS Drupar Maak titan?

assumed it was Pator as that’s the quest name “liberation day parade - pator” but im there, can’t see a thing!

Warp to the beacon you’ll see the ship 34km from it


I started seeing a quest on login now. Tells me to shoot the titan in a certain system. Warped to beacon, locked it, hit it with fireworks many times but not getting any update or skillpoints.

Everything worked fine for me, I traveled to the system listed in the Liberation Day parade task, warped to the Celestial Beacon that had the same name as listed in the task description, targeted the Titan and as soon as I shot a Firework at it, I received 5000 unallocated SP’s added to my character sheet.

Dear CCP,

Are you sure you understand what the phrase “daily challenges” means? One day out of three does not fit the definition. Either there is a misunderstanding or things are woefully broken . . .

Maybe they aren’t “daily” - but at least they were challenging.

Unlike yourself, I never saw any quests at logon. I flew to every Event system, showered all the Titans in glory - all to no avail.

All in all, except for the player created festivities (which were roaring successes by all accounts) - this was uneventful…

Exactly. And that is poor development.

We pay CCP to produce content, the same as any other game. And this particular piece of content is small and frankly easy to develop. It’s pretty sad that it wasn’t done right.

As I said initially, I remember when “events” like this had actual content attached to them. It was enjoyable. I remember spending quite a bit of time chasing skins or cerebral accelerators or Hivaa BCU’s, or whatever.

You’re better than this CCP. Show it.

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