Federation day fail?

flew all the way to dodixie and fired off a bunch of fireworks at the titan. no sp. all the folks there said the same .



Usual CCP fail…

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Who said you would get rewarded for shooting at a navy vessel?

Using the fireworks given recently?

T h e … m i s s i o n … d e s c r i p t i o n …


Not been to event site yet myself.

Forum post says fireworks at 20:00 eve time, could it be the wrong time window to complete?


Then, maybe… don’t comment if you don’t know ■■■■? :slight_smile:


Just asked a question with the attempt of finding a possible solution that maybe OP hasn’t thought about yet.


Lol Tshirts and Berets what a lol of clothes… really that 30k years in the future everyone only use tshirt? CCP wake up your designers please


Oh come on, they made it so women and men have to wear gender-divided baseball caps ffs

If you want anything better, get the wallet out obvs

yes I want something better than only tshirts and jackets, if you look at NES there is nothing else to buy

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And yet here I am wearing a whole uniform. Wierd.

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I’m not wearing anything


We can’t, Eve has not enabled cross-dressing feature of the clothing store yet

Oh wait, you said you’re not wearing “anything”

That still pisses me off. Why cant we change gender after all this time? I wanna be a girl dammit!

The page says, In addition you can visit Federation Day event sites and witness celebratory parades where there will also be daily challenges with skill point rewards.

So no daily challenges with no skill point rewards.
Unless you are calling logging in a daily challenge.

Sometimes it feels like the people writing things don’t even read what they write.


Have you logged in today? It specifically says “Launch a firework at the FNS Obisus in Alantene - Reward: 5000 Skill points.”

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Costs more in effort

I have no idea where you think you see that quest at.

quest wut?