Caldari day parade missing

So, tomorrow event is over and we still dont have our dailies to visit parades and get free 5k sp? bug?

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probably just couldn’t be arsed…


The parade was probably blown up by the Triglavians, afterall they are smashing the Caldari Navy to bits so it would make sense.


Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. The other 3 Factions had the Parade task of shooting fireworks offered on the second day of the event.

Based on recent EDENCOM results in Caldari space, this seems appropriate:


I Guess CCP didn’t even care to add the parades? Hope they have an explanation? If your going to say there’s parades and there isn’t none why even say?

I love Cadari I just wanted to shoot some fireworks at the parade…

Real sad :frowning:

You can still shoot fireworks at others, can get some funny reactions, especially from miners. :smiling_imp:

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There’s also no World News article about the Caldari day… :thinking:

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CCP has once again shown how much they don’t care about Caldari. Why don’t they just remove the Caldari from the game if they hate them so much?

Seemed to me each event progressively got more laggy compared to the last one.

The Parade sites for the last event were super laggy, taking a good few minutes just to load the scene after landing on-grid. In fact I fired a full launcher load of Fireworks at the Titans, could hear the explosions but couldn’t see them.

Maybe this time it was so bad that CCP decided to scrap it altogether.

The Caldari Parade had to buy their stuff in nearby Amarr and planned a “Caldari-Amarr United Anti-Trig Front” propaganda tour via the HS pipe to The Citadel. They didn’t get the memo on Niarja.

I was very disappointed to see CCP make it last exactly the number of days there were items to redeem. They’ve NEVER done that before. Usually they add a few days “buffer” for users who can’t log in each consecutive day but can log in most days to still claim all or at least most of the prizes. And if there were event sites… not too many users can enjoy them if they were only available for exactly three days. CCP wasn’t using their head this time around.

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I believe the in-game Empire Faction Day celebrations have always been a 3 day event. Usually the 2nd day of the event is Parade Day.

However the real life Holiday / Eve’s Birthday celebrations are the ones that have the few days buffer added to them.

Anyway, it’s a shame CCP didn’t include a Parade Day for Caldari.


Hm. That’s interesting, I was not aware of this. Perhaps CCP could have the item redemption window be slightly longer than the event itself, since - to the best of my recollection - it’s basically the only event that doesn’t have a buffer.

Oh I think all events that give out free goodies should have extra days added to them. Sometimes issues happen to where you can’t log in each day.

As for how much extra time should be applied, that would depend on the length of the event. For example if there’s 3 presents to collect from the event then the duration timer to collect those presents should at least be 5 days

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Somehow I managed to miss day three.

Which is odd as I sign in every day.

Maybe I was abducted.

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