YC124 Union Day Parade

Friends and fellow citizens,

In the wake of last year’s success, I once again have the honour of organizing the annual Union Day Parade. This thread serves to provide Capsuleers who wish to participate in the parade fleet with all the information they might require.


  • Date: Sunday, 4 September YC124.
  • Time: Form-up, 19:00 NEST. Undock, 20:00 NEST.
  • Location: New Caldari Prime - Moon 1 - Chief Executive Panel Bureau.
  • Description: Once the clock strikes 19:00 NEST I shall publish the Fleet Advert. After the fleet undocks at 20:00 NEST I will set a 30km orbit on the C.E.P. Station. The rest of the fleet will put a 1 kilometer keep-at-range order on the Capsuleer above them in the alphabetical list of the fleet’s participants, with the person at the top of that list setting this navigational command on me. This should result in a massive chain of ships slowly orbiting the station. Whilst this happens, we will launch fireworks to create a visual spectacle for the crew of the station and the population of the planet.

Capsuleers who are currently a part of one of the following hostile entities will not be admitted into the fleet, but will not be shot on sight:

  • Federal Defense Union
  • Tribal Liberation Force
  • Triglavian Collective
  • Kybernaut Clades
  • Sansha’s Nation
  • Blood Raiders
  • Guristas Pirates
  • Serpentis Corporation
  • Angel Cartel
  • Provists
  • Templis Dragonaurs


  • Caldari hulls preferred but not required.
  • No SKINs linked to any entity referenced above.

What system is New Caldari Prime? I enter it into the search and I get “No results returned for New Caldari Prime”

System name is New Caldari, New Caldari Prime is a planet.

I have updated the first post in this thread to make things clearer for you with regards to the location and time.

How long does the parade last?

It will end before the I-RED parade in the Malkalen system starts.

Friends and fellow citizens,

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who attended this parade. Seeing an even greater turnout than last year sparked a lot of joy. I am certain that the crew of the CEP Station and the population of New Caldari Prime were pleased with the fireworks show. A few things to remember for next year:

  • I should throttle my Rokh back to half speed to let the other battleships catch up.
  • I should dock the fleet back up one hour after it undocks.

If you took any pictures of this year’s parade, please post them here.


I didn’t take many, and had to leave first due to being tired, but thank you for hosting the parade.





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