YC123 Union Day Parade

Saisieni, summiteers.

This thread serves to disseminate information about the Union Day Parade.


  • Date: Saturday, 4 September YC123.
  • Time: Form-up, 19:00. Undock, 20:00.
  • Location: New Caldari Prime - Moon 1 - Chief Executive Panel Bureau.
  • Description: Once the clock strikes 19:00, people may begin messaging me for integration into the fleet. After the fleet undocks, I will set a 30km orbit on the C.E.P. Station. The rest of the fleet will put a 1.000 meter keep-at-range order on the Capsuleer above them in the fleet’s alphabetical ordering, with the person at the top setting this navigational command on my person. This should result in a massive chain of ships slowly orbiting the station. Whilst this happens, we will deploy generous amounts of fireworks to create a visual spectacle that should be visible from New Caldari Prime. Hopefully this will liven things up for both the station’s crew and the citizens on the ground.

Capsuleers who are currently a part of one of the following hostile entities will not be admitted into the fleet:

  • Federal Defense Union
  • Tribal Liberation Force
  • Triglavian Collective
  • Kybernaut Clades
  • Sansha’s Nation
  • Blood Raiders
  • Guristas Pirates
  • Serpentis Corporation
  • Angel Cartel
  • Provists
  • Templis Dragonaurs

I reserve the right to ban individuals whose presence might be cause for litigation against my person.


  • Caldari hulls preferred but not required.
  • No SKINs linked to any entity referenced above.

After conversations with other event organizers, I have enacted the following changes:

  • Provists and Dragonaurs added to the list of unwelcome persons.
  • Restrictions eased from “current or former ties” to “current ties” for the sake of not being overly judgmental.

Sasieni, citizens and friends.

I would like to remind everyone who is interested in participating that this is today.

Saisieni, friends and fellow citizens.

I express my gratitude towards everyone who made time to brighten up the sky over New Caldari Prime today.

In order to share some of the festive atmosphere with those who were unable to attend, I invite everyone who attended to post pictures they took.

If you took more than ten, please limit yourself to the ten prettiest ones.

Here’s mine!


Thank you for organizing this, hopefully next year I will be able to take part more actively.


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